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  1. [quote user="Lord Snooty"] Otherwise why is kick off 5.00pm ? Only joking of course but does anybody know why KO is 5.00pm ? Probably mentioned on here fore but I didn''t see it. Come on down Cammy babes..[/quote]
  2. [quote user="Greenwich Canary"] Unbelievable. [/quote]great track that
  3. [quote user="westcountrycanary"]canarys world are A BUNCH OF C@NTS im really PIS@ED now £3.99 a month wot a joke[/quote] Hello mate - wheres Parkend? I live in Stroud!
  4. What the f***. I am now watching Sunderland V some1, wat is going on, any1 else got this?
  5. Whoops! mite be out of touch here, anyway good time to discuss who is next as there will be more....
  6. Roeder stated he expects to announce a new signing soon as he thinks "its in the can" Kennedy or Ameobi for me
  7. [quote user="Bicester Canary"]Zema Abbey, now warming the bench at Forest Green Rovers, Victor Segura, didn''t he go to Real Mallorca or something? What about Tim Stratton?[/quote] Zema was released from FGR 12 - 18 months ago
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="LORD FOXY LOWE"]here''s a good page of stats. Seems he scored one goal every two games for Lille OSC (B). http://www.playerhistory.com/Default.aspx?page=player_details&playerID=88403 He''s also trained with Kluivert, hope he learnt a thing or two! http://www.patrick-kluivert.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t1527.html [/quote] the one thing to learn from Patrick Kluivert is how NOT to do it.. the mans a complete twat! jas :) [/quote] he speaks highly of you Jas
  9. [quote user="1st Wizard"]Just another example as to why I hate loan signings.[/quote] If it wasnt for his loan last season we would be in Div 1
  10. [quote user="Be Smart Wizard"][quote user="Disappointing news Dave"] £416,000 grand a year + bonuses is plenty for a  footballer playing in the second tier of English football, nowhere near the top of their profession. [/quote] And John Terry etc earn that in 3.5 weeks, fair? Yes, very much fair, Terry is or has been Captain of his country, won the Premier league,  played in numerous cup finals including last seasons Champions league finals which creates his club a massive income. When you are at the top of any profession your wages increases dramatically. Think of other sports, Tiger Woods,Ernie Els, Phil Mickleson etc will earn fantastically more money than a journeyman tour pro. IPL cricketers earn far more than average county cricketers.   Im afraid Norwich players are not at the top of their profession and when you think of it like that they earn very good money. [/quote]
  11. £416,000 grand a year + bonuses is plenty for a  footballer playing in the second tier of English football, nowhere near the top of their profession.
  12. [quote user="Marvellous News Mavis"]Dont Worry Gow will join Norwich [/quote]Cant see it happening now Mave
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