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  1. as we know roeder doesnt like to admit who he is after ! probobly as most of you have said, just carming it down and doesnt want to attract other clubs to him !
  2. [quote user="Match Day Pie"] thecanarywizard(fan) wrote the following post at 16/07/2008 3:33 PM: ''I am starting to believe that it is these youth players that are our new heros. In a word - Desperate.'' ------------- Can''t you just be happy for him? We all know Roeder is a shrewd judge, especially with the young''uns, so surely this is a good thing? Idiots like you should be Chelsea fans. We don''t need you.   [/quote] we didnt say we wernt happy for him or we didnt want him to do well ! with a weak squad, many of us want to see solid proven players that will do a top job, with youth adding to that !
  3. chris martin was a wonder for half a season, then it seemed to change ! jarvis scored that wondergoal in the prem,(volley barcley end against middleborough or liverpool) and ever since did nothing !
  4. i would be happy with that. stefanovic played like 15 games last season and did a decent job ! thompson looks good, but am i bit worried he has been targetted by league 1 and 2 clubs and not many championship clubs ! and is gow a striker or attacking midfielder ! ive been on a few sides, and some say striker, some say midfielder !  
  5. hurray thats our striker troubles covered ! :S does it make roeder feel better getting all the youth on pro contracts ? makes his squad look bigger !  
  6. Delia said a while back she would be willing to sell the club to someone local who loves the club, and does not want to sell to a foreign investor. realistically, who lives locally, loves the club, and is willing to pay around 50 million to take over and pay the debt off ?!  done alot for the club, but its time to go as the club is on a downfall ! views ?
  7. gota be mad to not want to play championship football and want to play for a lower league teams such as stockport ! i believe stockport been in longer than us thats y there deal is more developed than ours ! all chip in a tenner and well get him haha !
  8. kevin doyle ? michael kightly ? wernt they all lower league ''punts'' ? and look how they turned out ? its clear we havent got megabucks, so we cant buy are way up the league, risks needs to be taken, with some paying off and others will not work out !! ?? 
  9. definatly looks a good idea ! 44 goals in season, even though it was in a lower standard of league, the face he knows where the goal is is always a good sign ! also good to see we have people like the goalkeeping coach able to recommend players !
  10. I think that the signings would need to be today or tomorrow at the very latest.i doubt they would sign players and quickly rush them into the side for a game when they havent even settled into the squad yet ?
  11. I think he has yes but he is allowed to leave for nothing ! not think it would be worth it ?
  12. Despite the high wage demands of some players, do you not think that the likes of sibierksi and other free transfered players would do a job ?
  13. looser really ! just finding players we have been linked with breifly, and chucking in a time later in the day congratulations einstein !
  14. Hes also a 33 year old that has played half last season in the premier league ! players like yorke, windass, stelios, will all chip in a bit in the premier league next season, so signing a 33 year old isnt really that bad ! the case is norwich need quality players to get us into the premier league, or at the minute staying in the championship, and a player like him would definatly be a good move ! would be good for a little less press speculation and a solid signing !
  15. Is anyone else getting worried about the size of our squad ?i no the team wasnt strong at the end of the season, but releasing 9 players (i think), aswell as 6 loans when we had an already weakend squad was a bit drastic !i think roeder should have had kept a few, or released them once we had found replacements. he probobly already has replacements lined up, but it would make me feel alot better knowing we had a squad ! anybody feel the same ?
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