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  1. I''ve said it before that if we could attract a player with his goalscoring record we''d all be so very excited, can''t take for granted the absolute quality he brings to the side. The only reason neil hasn''t signed him straight away is because his English is still terrible. despite the fact we have French players in the team can you imagine the inconvenience during training on a daily basis? He''ll still be here next season
  2. Think my post has been slightly misunderstood. IMO mbokani is a far more rounded striker than jerome is but his most positive attributes are taking the ball down and maintaining possession along with his ariel threat. We''ve seen bits already he doesn''t really take players on, it''s not his game. I wasn''t suggesting changing tactics completely I was suggesting it needs to be more direct to him instead of over the top because we should play to his strengths regardless of how quick he is or not.
  3. There''s so much said about how hard players work for the team but the fact of the matter is if jerome plays the remaining half of the season and returns 3 goals from 18 again were probably relegated. We play 1 upfront, now in my opinion the extra work rate should be coming from the flanks and supported by midfield, and the forward has to be ready to stick it in the net and weigh in with 10/15 goals. jerome simply won''t score that in the premier league and I think mbokani would. The style of play has to be adapted slightly in the fact it has to played more to mbokanis feet instead of over the top but the way he controls the ball is magnificent. Not seen a forward for us take a goal kick down with his chest/feet while holding the centre back off like he did yesterday and it''s very rare that he loses the ball. If we signed a player with a smiliar goalscoring record to mbokani in the window everyone will be saying what a great signing we''ve made. IMO if we stick with this guy up top we will win more than we lose
  4. id much rather take a punt on afobe, unproven in premiership but has a great record for an average championship team than go for a similar priced player like gayle with a very average premier league record. Afobe has a right build and qualities for our loan striker role too. Big Signing for us could be Naismith, ideal Neil player and a really hard worker, knows where the goal is too.
  5. Tettey is the best tackler, and the worst passer. As an all round player Mulumbu is a better footballer and could prove costly unless we give him a run and see what he actually does contribute, just look at gary oneil and his impact in the last few games. Will certainly be games this season that require tettey but can''t see why mulumbu hasn''t had a run
  6. Not going to cost 15 million with the contract situation, maybe half that. Medical stuff regardless he only has to score 7/8 goals and can keep a team up and I fully imagine he will do that wherever he ends up
  7. Redmond hasn''t currently lived up to his potential ability this season but everytime he gets the ball he''s one player who really can make something from nothing, considering selling a player like him would be absolute madness. We need to add to the potential starting 18/20 players we have not consider selling them. He''s the type of player that can keep us up and getting somebody better is going to be well out of budget, bigger issues in the squad at the minute by a long stretch. Got dead weight all over the place so selling one of our spark players would be ludacris. I would imagine plenty of players we may have not bidded for but declared interested in in the summer may now be available given how teams seasons go but from the previous players it just seems the majority simply were not interested! I''d say: Koulibaly has already played 18 games for Napoli this season now the chances of him leaving are pretty remote to none. Gayle has scored 5 goals in his last 1500 premier league minutes, and I know that''s hard to make judgement because he''s not had a run in the team and plenty of the bench but one goal every 300 minutes isn''t exactly a cracking deal at the talked about 8/12 million pounds is it? Would look around for much more quality when spending that. Naismith looks the most likely, hard worker and makes stuff happen, suits the Neil stable wide midfield model. Ideal Norwich signing. Charlie Austin will be the interesting one for the bottom teams in Jan. Barely fit and must be a reason why nobody took a punt on him in the summer but always threatens when he gets the ball and looks like he''s going to score all the time, out of contract in the summer, who will take the punt?
  8. If Ryan Bennett stays fit and that''s the big problem, then I think he could easily be our best central defender. Think if a neutral watched the games back they''d have Martin and Whittaker both out of the side. Wisdom clearly a panic buy and if he rated him any more than any of our players then he would be in by now weve conceded a shed load. Changes in jan
  9. Haha... He did this last year too Just winding people up, he loves it. Imagine they''re all old photos from one of his previous 17 injuries
  10. Funny one... I''d much rather have Walters despite the Ipswich link because he actually wants to play football. Grabban doesn''t want to be here....
  11. Neil will identify targets with the board/recruitment and then they do the rest?? The other issue too is that you can''t just buy everyone and see what you''re left with after. Bidding for a player and them requesting more money can open doors to bid for different players in the higher pay bracket. Got to remain confident
  12. Regardless of the fake account we were favourite to sign him for the last 2 weeks some were even 8/11 at times with bookies. West Ham currently 1/5 but apparently getting Moses? Might still be something in it as yet
  13. i think it''s absolutely mad for people to even consider dropping bassong if we signed another centre back. He''s been brilliant for us for seasons, very occasionally try''s something bizarre but that''s why he''s not playing even higher. All this stuff about dropping the captain/leader is all bizarre in reality, he''s got an armband on and that''s about as far as it goes as In my opinion, when I watch the game I see bassong and tettey pointing and shouting far more than Martin does. He''s a favourite of many and has been an incredible servant, saw how much it meant to him when we went back up to the prem but ultimately we have to sign players to improve the team. Bradley Johnson for example, amazing season last year but I can''t wait to see Brady left midfield and that certainly leaves no room for Johnson. If I had to pick 1 from bassong and Martin I''d have bassong every single time. Think Martin will have more chance getting a game at right back but even then I think I''d rather have Whittaker
  14. In my opinion looking at the way it''s panned out our max bid was £10m roughly, we''ve then decided to go back for mbokani as the new main forward and invest the money in a defender. Think we might even end up with Gayle too, not my number 1 choice but if grabban is going to leave then I think it''ll be him to replace. As much as Neil says he will keep him I can''t imagine he wants him around the team after what he did
  15. the issue with declaring in interviews that you''d like to strengthen a certain area of the squad is that agents just make up rumours for a player that wants out/more game time and sees if it sticks. Secondly there''s asking the availability of a player and bidding for them. Got to remember if you enquire about 50 players, you''ll then have a smaller shortlist of targets from that that are genuinely available but some names now rejected may still stick. Dwight Gayle is the one that sticks in my mind, rejecting Bristol City because he believes were interested...We clearly have enquired and its pricked his ears up yet we clearly have plenty more targets ahead of him or we would have paid up ages ago. (On a separate note I think he might end up here now given the possible departure of grabban) We''re trying to elevate the squad with genuine quality and bids are obviously going to get rejected, it''s millions of pounds were talking about here. signing a Collins from West Ham isn''t a bad signing and will be ok in the squad but spending serious cash on a number 1 player in a given position is what''s needed to really establish in the premier league. Next 2 days will be very interesting and will be plenty of swings and roundabouts, although the Neil interview saying he''s excited about the whole occasion I imagine he''s already got wheels firmly in motion for who''s coming and going.
  16. Sure Everton were interested, or atleast rumoured to be last week. If he thinks he''s good enough then go for it, can''t see koulibaly/nkoulou being realistic although I do think centre backs to need 1 starting player
  17. Personally think he would end up playing ahead of hoolahan. Would spurs let him go if he was just going to sit on the bench for us? Not a bad dilemma for Neil if that was to happen. He completely ran the show home and away for them
  18. The whole thing about a player being not for sale is a load of rubbish, one manager in 100 might not come back with another bid but ultimately if we bid an amount that exceeds the value of the player by quite a bit then they''ll except it. Jackett can say all he wants but he doesn''t control the finances of the club. Baring in mind they paid 1.5m or something like that I''m sure more than 5x that will look good on the finance books.... ''Star'' players move clubs all the time and let''s be honest afobe is obviously going to want to play premier league football.
  19. ''England international'' probably used the by the agent... It''s not the £15m it''s the 70k a week he no doubt demands
  20. Money rumoured is around 4. Player of his age and the last 2 seasons he''s had it doesn''t look a bad deal for a club like us really. He''s a winger, nothing like hooper/grabban. I still think even with the signing of Brady were short of natural width. Injury to Brady/Redmond and we will be back to relying on 1 again, could get away with it last season but think we will miss the pace/direct approach in prem
  21. From all the articles I''ve read they''ve been interested for well over a month. Originally he was offered €1.3m a drop from his €1.7m currently at Roma, he tried to renegotiate and told them he wanted 250k upfront to cover extra wage costs. Wether that information is concrete or not remains to be seen The Last and much more intruiging information I read said he asked Bologna for 24 hours to consider his options and since that was released the stronger loan information came out about us. Joining 2 and 2 together he could easily be negotiating with us but with a concrete offer from Bologna it could swing either way instantly.
  22. Norfolk broad I think the latter of your points is the more accurate one. Think a fit lafferty will be on the move to a championship club but the issue with rvw is pretty clear, rejected 1.3 million wages at Lisbon or something stupid, were clearly paying him a chunk and he''s not leaving unless he can get that. As for hooper, he''s the more attractive proposition for clubs looking for a striker. If he fitted into the formation we played and he could get 25 games it would be a different story, but currently with wes on top form there''s no need to alter a working formation. Having said that I think he can come on and change a game/grab a goal but you''d assume he wants to go and play regular football
  23. 1 season in the premier league opens so many more doors. 1 season out of an experienced player like Collins could prove priceless
  24. If you look at Northern Ireland set up its very similar to ours with 1/3 behind the striker and he does a great job. His conference today seems to suggest he will stay and rvw is free to move on if anything is on he table for him
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