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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Who honestly thinks Jerome can keep this up for 6 months and another 30 games without it taking it''s toll on him ?[/quote]

    I don''t. He looked tired the other week.

    And more worryingly if he does lead the line for another 30 games it will mean we haven''t upgraded to a much needed forward and we won''t be getting promotion.

  2. [quote user="morty"]You do know MFW and the piece you quote are just fans opinions, don''t you?Do you have anything impartial?[/quote]

    Yes it is a fans site. Previously articles like this were few and far between, or quite possibly not allowed on.

    Ive known articles that have been written for this site and had been given a "false" headline, nothing to do with what was written.

  3. [quote user="Move Klose"]Tettey is good at what he does n that''s breaking up play etc. But certainly isn''t a technically gifted footballer. We miss Howson mobility drive and energy. Wouldn''t mind seeing Thompson get a run.[/quote]

    Does he actually do that a lot? I rarely see him coming away with the ball.

    The fact he''s still in our first team says it all.

  4. There''s no denying that Everton are a more attractive proposition but Kenwright and smith, as owners are cut from the same cloth.

    Similar values, both at clubs with a lot of involvement in the community, "poor" millionaires.....

    Kenwright has realised that he was unable to compete with the oligarcs and Chinese. It was a huge burden for to let it go. But he has. Same with Jenkins.