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  1. He is not a top striker sat this level. he is the bracket down. i dont think he would get in many teams above us.

    2 seasons in his career in double figures. Should be on 15 with the chances he has had this season. hes on 6.

    He works hard but cant finish well enough to be a top striker at this level.

  2. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Lessingham Canary"]Canos and in particular Maddison are 2 very confident young men (as Ray Wilkins would say) and appear to play with no fear, are they good enough at this time ? million dollar question. Football management is easy on a pc game, so why not in real life.

    Accept your comment Morty, and respect your opinion ;-)[/quote]I didn''t think Maddison was anything special on Saturday.[/quote]


  3. [quote user="Ginja"][quote user="morty"]On that note, which of our current defenders did Alex Neil buy?[/quote]
    Good point, only two? Why hasn''t he bought more? Why do we still have Bassong/Whittaker/Martin/Turner in the squad? We should have been steadily replacing these players, not all of it is AN''s fault but he has to take some of the responsibility.

    Same as what i have basically said.

    Prepare to be facilitated......

  4. Klose and Pinto which im sure you are aware of.

    We failed to patch up, upon our return to the Prem, a previously unsuccessful defence.

    A defence that was then used again on Saturday. Klose came in too late and again this season, we failed to invest in a decent CB, which is now biting us.

    Hes now been in charge nearly two years, he has had time to improve the unit, especially with the funds he has had.

    After every game we hear he is disappointing at conceding a sloppy goal, as we have been working on it all week in training....

    It concerns me that the players he did inherit, havent been developed into better players.

  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Well yes. But you also have to go to games if you want to holler and boo. Will there be an AGM stream?

    CUSDP will have to wear a suit and tie at least if hes representing our esteemed former lord mayor. Perhaps Tillys got a load of old bling with which to make him an immitation chain of office?[/quote]

    Privileged to have his proxy. Never been to one before, so looking forward to it.

  6. [quote user="morty"][quote user="hogesar"]Probably the only difficult thing to take from watching this so far is despite Newcastle having a very, very talented squad they seem to be working harder and for each other more so than our players have done in recent games.

    Although saying that it''s not realistic that we would have a manager like Benitez at our club![/quote]A massive advantage for them, over us, was being able to completely refresh their team. They had the financial resources to clear out the players that got them relegated, we didn''t.[/quote]

    Was our wallet empty? 😉

  7. I''ve got a bite......haha

    "Carlton Morris opened the scoring on 11 minutes after good work by CANOS sent Oliveira away. Nelson''s pass put Morris in and he finished powerfully from inside the area, into the roof of the net."

    "That all important third goal of the game went to City though on 63 minutes. CANOS'' shot made it past the Dons keeper for a tap in for Oliveira."

    Who''s your friend? Stevie wonder? He certainly isn''t a scout.

  8. Anyone that''s played will know how hard it is to shine in one game after sitting out 5/6, regardless of the opp.

    In the previous rounds he has shone, do they cancel out the one "iffy" game?

    The only way we can and should judge would be after he has a run of 5/6 games.