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  1. [quote user="morty"][quote user="hogesar"][quote user="morty"][quote user="hogesar"]I kinda called it, just saying[/quote]I had a bet on 2-nil Norwich.Fail[:(][/quote]
    Haha, I had 2-1 Norwich. At half time I realised that was unlikely and more chance of only being one goal in it but nevermind!
    Main thing is, we won!!!!! [:D]
    [/quote]Lol when Naismith came on I tried a back up bet of him to score next, at 18/1.Double fail [:D][/quote]

    When Brady had a free kick late on, i jumped on him to score it. FAIL.

  2. It''s his job to motivate them and get the best out of them.

    I''ve said for a couple of years that this squad needs a good clear out and freshening up. Far too many players have been here too long and have slipped back into the costa del Conley ways again.

    ita gone stale.

    He''s been here two years and has had a chance to refresh it, but created an unbalanced squad.

    If he can''t motivate the players, it''s fair to come to the conclusion he has possibly lost them.

    I''ve always given him the benefit of the doubt, he seemed to get this club back up and running and the fan base was united for the first time since PL.

    But since the Brighton game I''ve wanted him relieved of his duties as I can''t see anything changing. Formation will never change despite not it not working for 18 moths.

    Performances will continue to be inconsistent meaning a stay in this bloody league.

    But I really can''t see anything happening soon, we seem to drag things out far too often.

    Fair play to those that went yesterday 👍🏽

  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Jacob putting pen to paper is comment in itself.
    I''m so proud of him. I''ve followed the twins progress from when they first came to the academy. They really are two of our own. And you PUPs helped with their development which is another reason to be proud. They are great young men too. Jacob was a joy at our fan''s forum in August. They are both a credit to our club and their family.
    And to think last week there were calls to drop Jacob....

    I think some of the concerns with Jacob, was around fatigue.

  4. Did well yesterday but like others have said, worries me when he has the ball. Not that he did anything wrong, just that he has a mistake in him.

    On his day he is a very good player at this level. Brentford fans thought he was a beast!

    I''ve heard he has been offered a new contract, similar to olsson.