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  1. If you read my reply I said it wouldn''t have made a difference with me but it would some. If it changes the mind of 1 in 3 people it''s a winner for the club.

    I guess we are worlds apart in this one, in Lehman terms when you worked the bogs, it''d be like you not saying "no spray no lay", "no splash no gash".

  2. The fact people are asking what the guy on the phone could do makes me die.

    I called up and took my ST off of auto renewal.

    It wasn''t questioned or challenged. They obviously know why, but why not try and retain a customer?

    What are the consequences of me doing it? How much does it go up? Can I still pay DD, the way that I currently pay? Play on the waiting list.

    It''s basics. If I was the manager of the ticket office I''d be going mad at them!

  3. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="can u sit down please"]Buy a ticket and don''t go? I don''t need £25 but I''d rather take my daughter out and spend it on her.

    Without fail I always attend friendlies and cup games, so it hurts me to stay away. In fact I was at CR 6 hours after she was born.

    I''ll be staying away.[/quote]I know some people have and will never boo, but I have always found it quite cathartic.Why not attend and make your feelings plain. They won''t hear you from the Castle Mall.[/quote]

    I''m one of those that haven''t booed although I''ve used choice language.

    My feelings will be shown in the way that I won''t be there Ricardo, along with many others that are staying away.

    It pains me to do it as the thought of the Disney store kills me.

    And Ricardo....castle mall is so 1996. It''s chapelfield now 😉

    Yes nutty I get it. As soon as I posted 😂