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  1. Talented player. Best passer we have, can dictate the tempo of a game easily. I''d love to keep him. One of my favourite players. But the gers are my second team so if also welcome him There
  2. Not really fussed. A limited footballer, who wasn''t missed with the form of howson and oneil.
  3. I and a few other posters said on here in December about the McNally/Bowkett falling out at Watford which involved the latters relative. Is it just a coincidence that he resigned prior to playing them again? Hmmmm One for the conspiracy theorists
  4. Mulumbu isn''t the highest earner. JARVIS is on 45k believe it or not. Ryan Bennett is on £28k.
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I''m not like CUSDP who seems to believe those that disagree with him somehow make the forum dead.[/quote] Oh god. I''ve been called out. Ironically the only ones who I find disagreement with are the ones that rule the roost. But then I''m not alone.... In all for discussing things. Wel I was. But everything gets off topic, posts from the past are brought up and it just gets bitter. That''s me done on here. Over & out
  6. [quote user="nutty nigel"]There is another forum made up of people who left this one because they hated it. I would imagine it''s thriving. I know if I felt Iike that about this forum I''d post there.[/quote] My life isn''t really dictated by Internet forums to feel the need to post loads or seek pastures new. Shame it''s not as vibrant as it once was. I personally think if it wasn''t for the Pup thread this would probably be gone.
  7. It''s 100% true confirmed to me and Gaz t''other week. It dragged in the summer because we didn''t want him to have one. Then he got his way and we signed him. I''d want one if I was him too
  8. Other fora are available but since Facebook and Twitter aren''t as good. This site used to be full of posters all offering different opinions. Now it feels like the pink un consists of about 10.
  9. Bloody hell. Every thread always ends up with the same faces and the same "discussions". The pink un. Is dead.
  10. [quote user="Jeremy Borbyn"]Herbie Hide once grabbed me by the throat in Peppermint Park. True story.[/quote] I don''t know why
  11. The only thing I find a bit strange is if we go down. It will cost us more than the £3m we got for hooper to get a player of that calibre. For me he''s def one that got away. I don''t buy into the lafferty thing. Hooper though, bloody great finisher and I think he would''ve got goals with a decent partner.
  12. Great win CA, add makes the point last week, a really good point now as we built on it. Did what we had to do yesterday, only thing that worries me is the lack of efforts on goal. 6 on target in 5 games. Loving Klose!
  13. It''s only a Union Jack when it''s on a boat. The moon wouldn''t count.
  14. Mr hindsights man, ranieri failed with Greece losing to the faroes. Good job he wasn''t written off.
  15. Additionally the piswich thing gets boring. Context. We just appointed sheriff of Norwich, Bryan Gunn. They appoint Roy Keane. At the time is was a coup for them, no denying that. It didn''t work out. Neither dig gunn that you were advocating. But because I (for the only time in my life) said fair play to the binners, it pops up whenever you feel the need to belittle. The benefit of hindsight eh Tilly. The nutty professor of hindsight
  16. [quote user="nutty nigel"] Well actually there were people who wanted him instead of Neil. There were still people saying we should have had him and build a team around Hooper. As for Neil Adams, is there really anything to suggest that Lennon could have done better than him? If there is please share it.[/quote] No idea who started it.....
  17. Game. Set. Match. Tilly. Prepare for deflection.....
  18. [quote user="Mr Apples"]Thats fair enough LC, I''m no great fan of Lennon but there was some utter tripe being spouted (nothing new for this messageboard I know). And big congrats to GPB...a true visionary! Apples [/quote] This. This whole thread was prob started so it could ridicule those that wanted him. Oh hindsight.
  19. Thanks purple. Prob one of the strongest sides on paper at that point, the prem would''ve only been a short time ago. McNally. Lennon. No chance. Not after his good mate Lambert walked away from him. I can''t imagine Lennon being a yes man either.
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