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  1. Eddie, can you ask if the wallet Is empty please and what happened to GoPro
  2. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Wasn''t the role of the ''football board'' to establish such a philosophy and connect all the different levels of players? I thought this was the entire point of Ricky Martin.[/quote] Yes Bethnal, its supposed to be.
  3. "Who is responsible for the football playing philosophy that runs through the club from youth to 1st team, what is their reporting structure and how is continuity ensured when managers change?" Tanti auguri from Sicily... Afraid there isn''t one Parma. we went from lambert and the foundations he left to Hughton, which is one of the biggest mistakes this club has made. Despite finishing higher, wholesale changes weren''t needed, more a case of evolution not revolution. I would love to see us have a "Norwich Way" and this be the blueprint. Much like Swansea and Southampton. Sicily, nice. A few of us will be watching the Derby in Malta if you wan to get the ferry over haha
  4. What are yours? Minimum for me is to replicate what we did last time, play off winners.
  5. Is "tittle tattle" the new word on here? It''s everywhere
  6. Just seems disorganised to me, that we have all summer to sort this, get another coach in yet we do it on day 2 of being back.
  7. Makes sense what with spearing knowing all about him from his spell with reading.
  8. Clark or bond would''ve been fantastic appointments to give AN a hand. Unfortunately our football board lack any nous to do this. Holt does most of the coaching with mcavoy often referred to as " Bbc". Bibs, balls and cones.
  9. Millwall. A day in London finishing with a brick lane curry.
  10. Not doubting him as a person, he coached me when I was at Cambridge and was good. Just seems a big role for him imo.
  11. I quote a former player. "The luckiest man in football"
  12. Nobody was harping on about bournemouths "mega rich owner" preseason when they were signing gradel, mings and distin. In fact they were laughing. Now the "mega rich owner" is something to hide behind. Did they spend much more than us? Nope.
  13. [quote user="Katie Borkins"]Yep, turning to a different channel will fix all the problems with Scottish football. **facepalm**[/quote] Sorry didn''t realise your OP was a root and branch investigation of Scottish football. Must''ve missed your tenure as chief exec of the SPFL.
  14. Anyone that doesn''t rate Dorrans, imo has never played. Rarely wastes the ball. A players player.
  15. Apparently it was mentioned at an end of season dinner happening tonight
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