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  1. can u sit down please

    Fans Forum With our Interim Chief Executive Steve Stone

    [quote user="morty"][quote user="Kathy "]Do you know if the club shop is staying open late Diane? #newshirttime[/quote]Home or away?[/quote]

    Went to buy the away one but the quality was awful. About 3 different shade of black, a very short body and poor material.

    Gutted as I love it!
  2. can u sit down please

    Ross Mccormack Again

    [quote user="lappinitup"]"Norwich City are leading the race to sign Fulham striker Ross McCormack, sources have told TEAMtalk."http://www.teamtalk.com/news/norwich-lead-chase-for-fulham-striker-mccormackSeems like it''s still on.[/quote]

    It is on Mick, talks are happening but the price is a stumbling block.

    Good player and probably the going rate now, if you look at Rhodes, Gray...still amazes me we took £3m for Hoops.
  3. can u sit down please

    Wolves sold for £45m

    So the 5 Birmingham and portsmouths?

    Brum appear stable now and have a good young manager in rowett. They are also on the verge of being taken over again....but yeung was a corrupt individual.

    And to keep it balanced what are the good takeovers? Because not all are bad.
  4. can u sit down please

    Wolves sold for £45m

    Has anyone got any statistics to show how many takeovers there have been? How many clubs have gone into admin? How many clubs have stabilised after a takeover? How many were saved? How many clubs league position has suffered? How many clubs league positions have improved?

    Just adds a bit more substance than a throw away comment of "Leeds and Portsmouth"

    Personally I think football has changed and as a result we are being left behind.

    I would welcome "investment" (whoever invests would like a say on matters) but keep our tradition of S&J involved.

    You know it''s time for change when Bill Kenwright steps aside. He is very much still involved though.
  5. can u sit down please

    Wolves sold for £45m

    are we an attractive proposition?

  6. can u sit down please

    Elliot Bennett

    [quote user="morty"][quote user="chicken"][quote user="king canary"]@ICF

    I do understand that- but I don''t remember this all action Bennett some people are describing before the injury either. I always thought he was a decent but not great player for us. He had his moments (the goal against Spurs springs to mind) but I never felt he was more than average.

    For me I also found it frustrating how much stick infinitely more talented players in similar positions used to get (Snodgrass, Redmond, Pilkington) but our fans would always go on about how much they loved Bennett. Obviously not his fault but it still used to bug me.[/quote]

    I don''t remember Pilkington getting slated much to be honest. In fact I seem to remember a lot of people being a bit gutted when he was sold on.

    Snodgrass was an obvious one though. He doesn''t have bags of pace and was a bit of a ''hogger''. In some games he''d take the momentum out of our own attack. Now, some lay the blame at the feet of Hughton who appeared to like inverted wingers. That''s also probably a fair observation.

    Either way, he was never as positive in his play as say Redmond, Pilkington or Bennett who all to various degrees, liked to go at defenders a lot more. In fact, one of people''s crticisms of Redmond was that he could do that but often seemed too reluctant to do so.

    Snodgrass isn''t that type of player at all it would seem. I suggested at the time that he may be better off more central as it is where he seemed to want to be half the time.

    Bennett was well liked because of his attitude and his drive to take the ball forward and attack defenders. He may not be as good as Redmond or Pilkington but he was consistent and you knew that he was going to do his best to be a pita to the full back he was up against.

    As others have said, the injury seemed to be a real blow to him.[/quote]It was a real shame, I remember being at that game, and Bennett had a cracker, and my thoughts were "Bloody hell, he''s worked really hard over the summer, this could be his season"I think he probably thought the same, which is why he really was never quite the same after the injury.[/quote]

    That game was near easter so a bit after the summer.
  7. can u sit down please

    Will McGovern be number one?

    Ruddy nearly went in Jan and Interest is still there. Not from Boro anymore tho.
  8. can u sit down please

    Closed season so far....

    [quote user="morty"]If it''s mcgovern, that''s really itk stuff mate [/quote]

    No but the one player we may struggle to keep hold of is.

    But then I wouldn''t want to be putting things on here for other clubs to see
  9. can u sit down please

    Closed season so far....

    [quote user="OldRobert"]Jake Keen has just signed for Wednesday a few hours after leaving us by mutual consent.  We are supposedly hard up, Keen is presumably worth a pound or two?  How come we didn''t get a fee for him from Wednesday, while he was still under contract to us, or is that too simplistic?[/quote]

    Replacement in today/tomoreow
  10. can u sit down please

    Closed season so far....

    [quote user="A Load of Squit"][quote user="morty"]I think it''s a given that we''ll sign a striker, maybe the tricky bit though is getting rid of lafferty and rvw before we do so.[/quote]Careful now, it''s almost like you''re suggesting that we HAVE to sell before we can buy. You''ll wake up the Tilly monster. [;)]


  11. can u sit down please

    Is Sergi Canos our first player to have

    We had bakero on trial
  12. can u sit down please

    Sergi Canos - a special player in the making 👍

    I wait for the posts having a go at him for not tackling and tracking back.....
  13. can u sit down please

    Ross Mccormack Again

    Spot on.

    It will be made up of bonus/incentives.

    £5m when we win the Prem

    £2m when he wins golden boot

    £3m when he wins the champions league

    £3m when he plays for England
  14. can u sit down please

    Ross Mccormack Again

    A lot of money but I don''t care. If he gets the goals that fire us back and we receive the money the Prem has to offer, £13m is a drop in the pond.
  15. can u sit down please

    Sergi Canos

    [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Duncan Edwards"]I "understand" that we agreed pretty much everything for Koulibaly and Gayle only for the clubs to pull the plug late in the day.

    Too many eggs in one basket? Perhaps, but it seems unlucky that we missed out on both. No doubt some would argue that if you throw the sink, bathtub and all the water in it at certain targets then you are destined to fail if they don''t materialise.

    Bad luck, poor judgment or naivety? Take your pick I guess.[/quote]
    Yes, and I see Arsenal now want to sign him. Again, to ways of looking at it. Were we ''ambitious'' in the summer, something the board are constantly criticised for not being by trying to sign targets like this? Or, was it naive to think we could ever sign them? The one''s who have been crying for ambition can''t also bemoan our attempts to sign those players, however.

    when I spoke to a well oiled An he told me about him, Van Dijk and Ranocchia.
  16. can u sit down please

    Us and Villa have had £6m bids accepted for Jeff Hendrick

    Bloody brilliant player. Take him in a heartbeat but cant see a team of similar ilk, letting him go.
  17. can u sit down please

    Sergi Canos

    I think winter breaks certainly played a part as did it being a new league.

  18. can u sit down please

    Sergi Canos

    Cant argue with that KC.
  19. can u sit down please

    Sergi Canos

    [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Surely the new chairman and new recruitment team are the steps to fixing the mistakes. I''m not saying last summer should be completely disregarded, but the more recent evidence is much more positive.

    As for Norwich not having an excellent window (in terms of committing money and getting deals ''over the line'') it is worth pointing out the club broke it transfer record twice and was the 2nd highest spending club in Europe in January. Norwich spend as much as the whole of La Liga combined.

    If that is only good, I wonder what it would take for it to be regarded excellent.[/quote]
    I agree, I think our January window was excellent. You have to take it individually rather than grouping it with the summer window. Looking at it individually, i''m not sure we could have, or should have, done any more than we did in January. 

    On paper the January signings were "excellent".

    Unfortunately though many arrived here unfit and we had to wait 2 months to start seeing them at their best.

    Klose (winter break) Pinto (Winter break) Naismith (not been playing) Bamford (not been playing) and Godfrey and Maddison were bought for the future.

    Our awful summer meant we had to go out and get numbers in.

    Had we have got these boys in last summer and added again in the January I have no doubts that we would have stayed up
  20. can u sit down please

    Sergi Canos

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]I think it is pretty obvious why players some have slipped through the net - budgetary constraints.

    That is part and parcel of being a Norwich fan and it will be for the foreseeable future.

    Of the 5 players to come to Colney who didn''t sign we know one was rejected by AN (Lavierry) and one felt he wanted to play in Europe (Haller). The other 3, who knows? The fact Colney is a bit shabby can''t help (and is being rectified) but I wouldn''t worry about 5 players saying no. That again doesn''t seem out of the ordinary for most teams.

    In the case of Fletcher there is no way Norwich should have matched the 4 year deal he was given by Sheff Wed - there is no budget that can match crazy.

    Norwich had a tough summer, but then followed that with an excellent January. Why ignore the most recent window just to focus on the less successful one?[/quote]

    One was also De Maio fro mGenoa
  21. can u sit down please

    Britt Assombalonga

    The fan that tweeted it saw it in the sun
  22. can u sit down please

    Ipswich game being moved to Sunday

    [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="can u sit down please"]Surprised the game is this weekend as its v fest and Suffolk plod normally help out[/quote]Chelmsford is in Essex so if Suffolk usually send a unit to help out i expect Essex will look elsewhere for more officers.[/quote]

    That''s where I''ve been going wrong. Never knew it was in Essex.
  23. can u sit down please

    Ipswich game being moved to Sunday

    Surprised the game is this weekend as its v fest and Suffolk plod normally help out
  24. can u sit down please

    Ipswich game being moved to Sunday

    Absolutely gutted.

    I''m flying to malta on the Saturday. If it was moved to Saturday midday I''d have moved my flight to the Sunday.

    But with it being on a Sunday that''d mean missing two days
  25. can u sit down please

    Fans Forum With our Interim Chief Executive Steve Stone

    Tilly on my behalf please could you ask, is the wallet empty.