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  1. can u sit down please

    You were lucky

    Yeah we were lucky but Mullers still had to do the hard work! Could u not say that Dean Gordon should of dealt with it better? Good luck for the rest of the season as your not a bad team with a great stadium. Cheers for noticing our support, i dont think people realise how well supported we are! Did you know we took 7500 to palace?

    Svenssons Quiff


    Can we have sidwell off of you??
  2. can u sit down please

    sitting in watford home section?

    i will do it im desperate! would be cool if we all got together in there wouldnt it!!
  3. steve bruce and ian crook played for england b. We did have martin peters but that was after he stopped playing for england i think! mark barham played for england while with us and just missed out on the w/cup 86 squad i believe.
  4. can u sit down please


    After watching recent matches from the quiet new stand i want to make a point! Despite Huckerby being the difference between going up and stayin in this league i do think that since he has been here permanently our style of football has changed for the worse. Before Hucks our football was attractive and we were winning well.

    Now as your title suggests we HOOF it constantly bypassing the midfield which is why Mulryne aint been performing, when he came on vs the gills he changed the game! I am starting to worry that we are over relying on DH and becoming a bit one dimensional!