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  1. Id go Dorrans, the person to protect the back four doesnt always need to be a tackler. First half i thought we missed him a bit, we were going longer than normal. I really rate him.
  2. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    That is a good point WCC. Do we really all have 6 fingers

    So do we accept the perception and settle for being a club with minimal investment? Can you change a perception? Does it have to be a single investor?

    I take on board your points
  3. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    Indeed Indy. It''s embarrassing. You could pin this character to another on this board and it''s funny. Amazing they have so much time on their hands.

    My claims? I give up.
  4. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    Ive asked you questions that tie in to the original post and in no way attack the club.

    New blood? I''ve merely asked questions about the future haha.

    If you''re not capable that''s fine. I''ll leave you and your vendetta.

    If you want to keep talking about 1p5wich that''s your call. There''s a post for that
  5. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    Shame you interpreted it as an attack sir Alan. I''ll blame the alcohol.

    I''ll ask you again.

    What are your thoughts on change? What can we do to change the perception? How can we attract new blood for when the majority shareholders call it time?

    Hang your coat on that if you want. Is this message board your crib? You''re patrolling everywhere.

    Good post erik. I think we all agree that it would be good to attract that type of investment but keep "Norwich people" involved to avoid a Portsmouth/Leeds situation.

    But again, how can we attract it?

    Can anybody hand on heart argue that? Maybe Allen as he seems to argue in an empty room.

  6. can u sit down please

    They know they've done badly.

    Genuinely feel and I said it after the Stoke game, we are a decent centre back away from being comfortable this season.

    We''ve conceded 3 crap goals from corners and the diouf one for Stoke was poor. Albeit tettey marking him.

    I appreciate what Martin has done for the club but we lack a leader at the back that organises everyone.

    It''s basics.
  7. can u sit down please

    Colneys greatest stories

  8. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    It''s not a critical post.

    If I attention seeked and wanted a pat on the back id be on here all day everyday

    It''s just a bit of a repetitive cycle with people that don''t share you POV. We''ve been here before and tbh I like you and can''t be bothered going over old ground.

    But genuinely, the work you do on here is first class and I can''t knock what you and the pups do.

    Off out now, not really got time to keep going. It''s beer o''clock!
  9. can u sit down please

    Colneys greatest stories

    Agree Ricardo.

    There was a disagreement before the Stoke game. It happens.

  10. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    [quote user="Feedthewolf"]Some excellent points on this thread, a shame that Nutty and the OP have spent so much time splitting hairs and opening up old wounds when there''s a genuinely interesting question here.Now we are debt free and currently sitting at the top table, how should the club evolve from here? At some point in the not-too-distant future there will need to be succession planning (if, indeed, there isn''t already) for what happens when Delia and MWJ retire.Much as I''d love to see another tier on the City Stand and an expansive transfer outlay, I think the most important thing is to ensure that any growth is sustainable. In the short term a super-rich owner might give us that expansion, but the bigger the spend on transfers, wages and stadium improvements, the bigger the black hole should the club be relegated.It''s a tough condundrum - realistically, no club of our size is ever going to be able to regularly challenge the top six, and beneath that it takes stability rather than financial revolution to hold your own in and around the top half (Stoke, Southampton, Swansea). Much as I would love to see Norwich expand into Europe and sweep all before them in a Football Manager style, realistically that will never happen. We are a smallish club in the grand scheme of things, in an unfashionable area, and even if we were a successful top-flight side I can''t see us regularly attracting gates much in excess of 30,000.So I guess my question to the floor is: what is our maximum realistic potential as a football club, and how do we get there and stay there in the long term?[/quote]

    Where the wickerman when you need answers?

    Great post
  11. can u sit down please

    Piswich's ambition.....

    Haha here he is.

    Context. Funny how the usual suspect can''t have a reasoned debate.

    You still drunk?

    Maybe go play crib.
  12. can u sit down please

    Colneys greatest stories

    Haha. Just can''t believe some of the rumours people make up.
  13. can u sit down please

    Colneys greatest stories

    Shackell & Ashton

    Francis & McKenzie

    Tierney & Morison

    Johnson & Grabban

    Unbeleivable, some of the crap that gets made up. Any other "stories" you can think of that we''re utter rubbish?

    Rubbish or there must be something in the Colney water haha
  14. can u sit down please

    5pm Saturday

    It was Bournemouth......
  15. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Whatever your plans I''ll bet you here and now that the next seven years won''t be as exciting as the previous seven.[/quote]

    Yes plans. A business model. Something that all businesses has. Erik raised the point, what is our new model?

    What are your thoughts on change? What can we do to change the perception? How can we attract new blood for when the majority shareholders call it time?

    You sum up the fellas points perfectly nutty. Your constantly looking back on what''s happened and not looking at what we could achieve going forward.

    Why can''t the next 7 be better? Thankfully our manager doesn''t think like that and doesn''t accept "those days" that often act as a smokescreen.

    You also cal people out and say forums aren''t for them. Is this because people''s opinions don''t coincide with your own? Is it wrong they want the team to do better?

    To quote Indy, "you do a lot for causes and you and deserve respect for that, but you don''t own the right for opinions nor should you resort to as you always do putting down posters, poor form every time, from you"

    Most of the threads you''re involved with end the same way.

    I''m off out for the day, have a good one folks
  16. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    what plans would you like to see for the next 7 years?

    A crib team?
  17. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    [quote user="AllenWickerbasket"]Back from the pub and it still appears to be the Birdman of Worthing thread. Whereby the op is posting ever more nonsensical tripe to try and justify yet another attack upom the board. Each attempt doomed to failure like the previous. No explanation as to where this wonderful ambition will lead to either, just some stupidity about fans not having any ambition ! ! ! Never mind, Indy helps the poor fellow out with his own brand of stupidity, claiming that Southamption have held on to all of their best players ! ! !So why the attack? Well I think Lapps has it sussed when he posted up a previous thread that was yet another attack upon the club. This time with the binners being held up as a fine example that we should, but will not copy. And surprise, or not, there is the op wetting himself yet again to be the first in the queue to attack the club.  Perhaps Lapps could post that link again so we can all see where the op is coming from and what his motive is. And also maybe to see the same ratbags piling in with their own brand of stupidity. For the uninitiated, City have won a title, been promoted three times and twill now have spent four out of seven of those intervening years in the PL. And cleared their debts with an FA Youth Cup win thrown in as well. Perhaps the op would care to tell us what the binners have achieved with their ambition in the same period.[/quote]

    I waited a few hours for that brilliant.

    The comparison with the binners appt was to do with gunn being appointed. Both were poor choices but at the time is was an ambitious appt by them down the road whereas ours took us down the road...

    Nothing like having no context eh.

    If you''re interpreting all this as an attack I suggest you''re pished.

    What are your thoughts on change? What can we do to change the perception? How can we attract new blood for when the majority shareholders call it time?

    Where will ambition lead to in your opinion?
  18. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    I''m merely quoting you and a bit baffled. It''s all going back to old ground and you keep bringing it up.

    I told you Lambert was leaving 4/5days before the story broke.

    Move on.
  19. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    How do we become more attractive?

    It''s not about throwing money around but the wage structure surely has to be amended to attract a better calibre of player.

    We are not an exciting club to people looking in from outside. We are that club that makes up the numbers.

    A signing this summer like Austin would''ve made people sit up and take note. Dare I say it, would also have influenced others to join us.

    It would''ve made them want to be a part of what is in motion.
  20. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    Lambert bottled it

    Agree with what you''re saying there Indy and erik. It''s imperative that the board plans for the future and has someone or a few people lined up.

    I''d like them to still be involved and have the supporter element still involved.

    It was previously mentioned about parish being a successful businessman. I''d like someone like that with a hunger to succeed and want to change the mindset of many attached to the club.

    It would be refreshing!
  21. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    [quote user="Erik the Viking "]Is anybody aware if we have new 3/5 year plan?[/quote]

    A very good point that''s been skipped over.

    Id be disappointed if we didn''t.

    What would your plan be erik?
  22. can u sit down please

    Louis Thompson

    Is 4 the max from one club?
  23. can u sit down please

    Grabban statement

    Move on.

    What are the odds he comes on and scores the winner
  24. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    [quote user="Indy"]You start a very good debate on something which is of interest to us and in the near future will be something we will have to face in a change of ownership, DS & MJ are not getting any younger, and some just try to score cheap points by trolling up old threads.

    Why not just debate this thread, after all it''s in line with Palace chairman points raised.

    The fundamental issue is that without a Man City type take over a club like ours will never be able to compete in the big boy transfer market or like Southampton, hang into our best players, so a sustained challenge over many years will never happen.

    There will be 12 or so teams who will become established premiership teams others will at some point have a poor season and drop out, then there will be the yo-yo clubs who will have a couple or so seasons then go down.

    Until squads are aligned in money and numbers this will always be the case, and the big boys will never allow the playing field to be evened out as it would cost them far too much wealth.[/quote]

    Indy. Stop it. You''re talking too much sense and sticking to the original post isn''t allowed.
  25. can u sit down please

    Crystal Palace chairman

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]That didn''t answer my point buddy. That''s your view of my perspective. I much prefer to post factually like iI did in reply to your post about Lambert.

    If we''re going to discuss personalities and perspectives you are never happy with our club but always ecstatic by your perceived ambition in others. most of the other clubs you''ve been jealous of in the past are now in our shadow. Including the binners who you reckoned were soooo ambitious in going for that dream ticket of Evans and Keane.

    We don''t get everything right but over the past 6 seasons we''ve got more right than most. And when we did mess up we managed to put that right with an instant return to the PL.[/quote]

    The Ipswich post was highlighting appointing Keane rather than gunn. Fair to say both failed.

    Swansea are my barometer. Remember the hughton v laudrup comparisons?

    So in hindsight we did mess up then? Something you couldn''t see at the time?

    The only period I''ve not been happy with was the hughton debacle which resulted in relegation, which as you admit "we did mess up".

    Adams I was disillusioned with but stuck with him,

    The point of the Op Has been summed up quite perfectly.

    I''m not attacking the board, far from it. But don''t be afraid of what change may have around the corner or what changing perceptions may bring.