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  1. can u sit down please

    Steven Caulker latest link to us.........

    We pay Bennett 28k so I''m sure we won''t be far off caulkers demands
  2. can u sit down please

    Any news on our new Chairman after 2 Weeks.

    Well that was worth the wait
  3. can u sit down please

    Tettey/Mulumbu partnership

    Mulumbu is a huge upgrade on tettey. The latter couldn''t pass water today.
  4. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    [quote user="T"]Somewhat ironic that someone blurting out info on the Internet best dealt with privately suggests someone crawls under a rock. Hope they get help resolving their apparent personal issues.[/quote]

    Cool story. Maybe put it in your autobiography
  5. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    Apologies was meant tongue in cheek. I''m not sure what you said but I''m not gonna trawl through all this thread to find it.

    I just find it odd that this thread is still up and running like Tilly says.

    Anyway that''s me done now, have a good Xmas all
  6. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    Oh dear. Purple has spoken

  7. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    [quote user="T"]I have had it confirmed tonight you are a small minded individual who likes to delude himself that he is big by happening to have heard some stories[/quote]

    T. Crawl back under your rock. Morty....FTW....thanks

    Funny how Archant didn''t prove into anything eh!

    McNally survives again.

  8. can u sit down please

    Any news on our new Chairman after 2 Weeks.

    Best ask our good dictator McNally. .....

    Shame bowkett isn''t here still. But of course.....he was always gonna step down
  9. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    It''s not libellous because it''s fact, had it confirmed again last night by s diff source
  10. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    [quote user="Alex "]All reminds me of the so called DM incident down POW - funnily enough nothing ever came of that made up nonsense as well, I wonder why?. I do wonder if Ruddy will be on the bench tomorrow, or whether Kean will be in his place - that will possibly indicate if the club saw it as anything more than a bit of verbal and handbags...[/quote]

    Made up? My cousin dropped his pizza in amazement. Fact is, a certain someone has the local press by the balls.

    Go against us and get the boot. He banned look east once
  11. can u sit down please

    Tettey and Mulumbu

    They played together against man city
  12. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    The truth is I can''t say
  13. can u sit down please

    Ruddy story in The Sun

    The man put on his was....mcnallys daughters boyfriend!

    Couldn''t write it
  14. can u sit down please


    The worrying thing is I''m led to believe that there has to be outgoings to balance the books
  15. can u sit down please


    The starting 11 needs to be improved, we need to spend money in January.

    We also need to be winning our home games.

    Completely trust the manager but the people above him need to back him.
  16. can u sit down please

    Boro want Jerome for £8 mill

    I''ll find out tonight
  17. can u sit down please

    Loza at Watford ?

    No. No no.
  18. can u sit down please

    It's beginning to look a lot like Chris...

    My days. Couldn''t be further from the truth.

    We got tonked at Newcastle, the manager has learnt and is now adapting to suit.

    Not many teams will go to citeh or the bridge and lose by the odd goal.

  19. can u sit down please

    Thoughts on Simeone Zaza?

    From my juve mad cousin

    "He runs his balls off every time he gets his chance. Chaces every ball. Good player mate. Not top level yet tho"
  20. Liam Gallagher. Oasis. Still is. Always will be.
  21. can u sit down please


    [quote user="Bor"]I would rather have "poor" owners who are emotionally attached to the club, understand its value to the community and therefore manage the business side sustainably, than rich investors who see the club as a toy or as a financial investment for a period of time and may at any point leave us in the sh*te.
    Long live Delia and MWJ.
    Shame on the haters.

    Why are people that talk about investment automatically labelled as "haters?"

    I certainly don''t hate them but would welcome it.
  22. can u sit down please


    I think in an ideal world we''d all love a huge sum of money to come our way and for delia and Michael to stay involved.

    We''d love the investor to have Norwich in his bloody like us. But does this person exist?
  23. can u sit down please


    [quote user="Yellowbeagle"]What is it with this obsession with investment? where do people think it will take us, unless we get man city/chelsea sized investment we will never break into top 6 consistently. I''d much rather the club was run by Norwich city people making sure the club is on a footing it can sustain, than some tool come in make a pigs ear of decision making because they fancy a football club to play with for alittle while.[/quote]

    I think people believe it may take us up a level like palace, saints and Leicester. I believe it would too.

    If we fall short in May it will be because of the inability to strengthen key areas

    Cue a reply of Leeds and Pompey....
  24. can u sit down please

    To the idiots who boo'd the Jerome sub.

    [quote user="vos"]Jerome won quite a bit in the air but it was all wasted because nobody was far enough forward to support.[/quote]

    He won 1/3 headers on Saturday.
  25. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Scum, Scum Development Squad and Scum Under 18''s.[/quote]

    Immature there''s a few more.

    "You coming this week Tilly?"

    "No. I bloody hate them". That''s happened a few times already this season.

    See you at the bridge mate. Oh....