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  1. can u sit down please

    ST Upgrade Fees

    Is an automatic academy opt in still an issue morty
  2. can u sit down please

    ST Upgrade Fees

    The club obviously want to improve it as McNally said they are looking at it.

    Automatic academy donation too. Cash cows.

    Out of curiosity. If you had an adult season ticket but an u21 used your seat, would you get a refund?
  3. can u sit down please

    ST Upgrade Fees

    I did the same for the West Ham game for a friend. Same price.

    Why should the club profit like that and we get peanuts through the buyback?

    I''ll still to selling mine to a mate
  4. can u sit down please

    Wasn't at the game today...

  5. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?

    And isn''t this nice and civil
  6. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?

    Without doubt. Nobody is screaming for rash spending.

    Just spending what we need in order to stay in this division. The books have been pretty well balanced again, but Klose and Brady aside we''ve not added anything better than what we have.

    Again, not solely at the boards door with this, but we put together a football board, that doesn''t really seem to be delivering.

    Our scouting seems atrocious buddy.

  7. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]I don''t know think all takeovers are rubbish. I just don''t embrace each one and then discard it when the next one comes along. Our club must do something right to have spent 4 of the last 5 seasons in the PL with over 20 clubs with richer owners getting none. Of course if we could do that and have more money that would be lovely jubbly. As well as finding fault it would be nice to find out why we do so much better than so many clubs with richer owners. Or have these discussion without the pathetic throw away one liners CUSDP?[/quote]

    We''re doomed I tell ya....
  8. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?

    Haha to be fair bud, it started in the hughton era. I didn''t like what I was seeing.

    I''ve no major issue with AN.

    Like we keep reading, football has changed. Time to embrace it if we really want to be in the mix.
  9. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?

    All takeover are rubbish. Just rubbish.
  10. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?

    [quote user="nutty nigel"]So the way forward is to sack the manager and get into debt?[/quote]

    This obsession with debt continues. It''s gone weve moved on. Let it go. We will not return to that situation.

    Maybe we will have a club dinner soon, commemorating it.
  11. can u sit down please

    How can Alex Neil keep his job?


    Agree 100%.
  12. can u sit down please

    Wembley Team

    [quote user="FCC"]I thought he was effective in covering when Olsson went forward, and they kept Adomah out of the game. Starved Borough of possession.

    The new signings are average at best, and without the passion or loyalty of the old guard just haven''t improved the team.[/quote]


    Did a great job on adomah, kept his shape, hit the bar and worked tirelessly.
  13. can u sit down please

    What Next For Neil Adams ?

    We didn''t think there was anyone out there to replace Adams did we.

    Pearson, Monk (led them to 8th and was sacked far too soon), Warburton, Girard (if Swansea could attract guidolin), Moyes (needs to rebuild his reputation as does Rogers. Not unrealistic but would cost us), Gary Rowett is doing well.

    Not saying go get any of these but could be options. Would they improve us? Who knows. Who thought a fella from Hamilton would guide the best squad in the champ out of it.

    I''m not sure of who outside the uk but after receiving more than 300 applications last time I''m sure there are people that are not on our radar. Can''t believe that people play the pull that our club could have, down.

    I''m not anti Alex neil, I like the guy. I really do. But he can''t be learning anymore. It cannot be used as an excuse.

    I keep reading he is one of the best young managers around. I''d seriously question that now.

    *His transfers have been uninspiring.

    *tactics have been questionable

    *substitutions puzzling

    *the continual use of jerome

    *the continual use of Martin

    *the continual use of Brady at LB. olsson can do a job there. Get RB further up the field.

    *disnt stick to his principles between October and March

    There seems to be a hell of a lot of sentiment towards him because of Wembley.

    And sean Dyce has been mentioned. He spent £9m on Andre gray. Would we do the same if we went down?

    No chance.

    For me the problem is far more deep rooted than the manager.
  14. can u sit down please

    Wasn't at the game today...

    I''m only going by what my mate said.

    No chants but grumbles. No clappers were thrown though

    Safe journey home mate
  15. can u sit down please

    Mark on Canary Call

    I think the part about the clubs mentality was right.

    we are no smaller than Bournemouth Watford palace Southampton Leicester Swansea Stoke. But they''ve had investment and left us behind (Swansea aside).

    If we want to compete with these there is only one thing the board can do.

    Not every takeover is a Portsmouth. We have to be open to investment.

    as the caller said, many will be happy with championship football.

    Football has changed. Whether we like it or not.

    Two years ago McNally said relegation was worse than death. This year is worse. Let''s hope it costs him his job.
  16. can u sit down please

    Why is it...?

    [quote user="juicy plams"]The perma-clappers are in turmoil because they''ve smugly suggested all season that we''ll be fine with the best young manager in Britain. Their world has just shattered as they''ve seen their deluded optimism proved wrong.Expect to see endless repetition of the line about it always being likely we''d be relegated because we don''t have rich owners.[/quote]

  17. can u sit down please

    Wasn't at the game today...

    I spoke to my mate that went and small sections vented there anger.

    But he said more was said about the board. Nothing major but certainly grumbles mate
  18. can u sit down please

    Any Ideas Who The New Sponsor Is ?

    Aldi. Spend a little. Live a lot.
  19. can u sit down please

    Colin still going strong

    Used to love being coached by him. Keith Webb on the other hand.....
  20. can u sit down please

    Business like we are doing OK

    My friend that supports Rangers was down for the match and she couldn''t believe how we as fans, accepted a 2-2 after being 2-0 up.
  21. can u sit down please

    Food for though....

    £20m or whatever it is we have spent and personally I don''t think we look much better.

    Anyone else think that the football board were the ones identifying them?

    For example. Naismith is a good player but not what we really needed with Hoolahan still able to play in that area. He doesn''t improve us like a no9 or a decent centre midfielder would''ve.

    Anyone else agree?

  22. can u sit down please

    The £77 Liverpool Tickets.

    [quote user="morty"]I was talking to a Liverpool fan about this, this morning, and he plucked a stat out, he reckons with this new TV deal the clubs could let all fans in for free next season, and still turn the same profit they did this season.


    If prem clubs donated 0.5% of the tv sea it would guarantee all tickets would be £20
  23. can u sit down please

    Canary Call

    [quote user="Yellow Green Army"]What a patronising muppet. He is exactly what is wrong with Norwich City Football Club.

    Pompous a--ehole.[/quote]

  24. can u sit down please

    Norwich City Fans Social Club - Legends Evening

    Do dawgs get discount?
  25. can u sit down please

    Radio Norfolk Scimmage Tonight.

    Haha that''s exactly what me and Tilly said