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  1. can u sit down please

    Neil Lennon

    What jobs were available at the time nutty? Why didn''t anyone bigger take a shot on Hughton? On Alex neil? Why weren''t bigger fish circling Lambert when Rogers got Liverpool? Why hasn''t curbishley ever got work again? Why hasn''t Nigel Adkins ever had another shot at the prem after being "harshly" let go by Southampton?

    I guess we will never know.

    Swansea are the ones j used to hold in high esteem.

    Didn''t you hold Wigan in the same light, what with your admiration for Martinez?
  2. can u sit down please

    Neil Lennon

    Not sure Eddie you''ll have to ask them.

    Maybe other jobs weren''t avail? Maybe he was promised more? He was fav for Leicester last summer at one point, I don''t know. Possibly because of the "perceived baggage" that would come with someone that has regularly received death threats.

    Silly to dismiss his record at Celtic. Thankfully we didn''t dismiss AN''s record at a much lower, Hamilton.

    As to what club I want us to be. An established premier league club chalenging the likes of Watford, Stoke and Southampton.

    Clubs that have always been in the same bracket if not lower.

  3. can u sit down please

    Neil Lennon


    You do twist things. Apples has made his point clear, I understood it.

    i absolutely hate Celtic but he got being competitive in the champions league. That''s a fair achievement.

    It''s not fair to write managers off after 1 "difficult" job. Rogers failed at Watford, Lambert at Wycombe , Howe at burnely and hootun () with us.

    I don''t want him here over AN but im guessing he will get a job elsewhere without too many issues.
  4. can u sit down please

    Neil Lennon

    Apples, you make some good points about possibly doing the same job as Lennon. But we will never know.

    All I keep hearing is we can''t compete with a lot of teams in the prem, because of their budgets.

    Well when we were/are in the champ our budget is one of the biggest. All of a sudden we become a man city and your rotherhams and boltons prob represent us.

  5. can u sit down please

    Neil Lennon

    Been managing with his hands tied. Very difficult circumstances, I wouldn''t be surprised if he went to forest.
  6. can u sit down please

    Our Carbon Footprint.

    [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Jeremy Borbyn"]I am hoping to seal a move to Florence Road shortly so the Nelson will be within a stone''s throw. I shall hand my application over in person but nobody knows what the inner circle look like.[/quote]Just leave it inside the bog roll tube in trap 3 of the gents and one of my operatives will collect it.[/quote]

    I''m not on toilet duty again! Leave that to nutty. He''ll find a positive out of yellow pee
  7. can u sit down please

    Sums it up for me

    We celebrate a draw at home to Man City. Watford win at the Emirates.

    We go to the bridge, lose 1-0 and again, celebrate it. Then bloody Bournemouth (who I absolutely hate, go there and win 1-0).

    Didn''t realise till this morning the gap between us and them. Really can''t believe it.

    Are our fans easily pleased? Genuinely interested in people''s thoughts.

    (No I''m not jealous of them and I won''t go and support them down the road)
  8. can u sit down please

    Why I am struggling to cheer....

    Kind of agree with the op.

    It''s only a good point if we build on it. Goals will keep us in this league, we''ve only had 6 on target in 4 games.

    Let''s build on yesterday!
  9. can u sit down please

    Dunston Hall Tonight For More Bonding.

    The bags were a success? Jeez CA even my 4 year old could spel OTBC better than what I saw.

    They worked? We drew 0-0. Not a bad point but only decent if we take it to wba.
  10. can u sit down please

    Best team based on results....

    [quote user="Barclay seats 4849 the 3rd"]Bor

    Bennett or Martin or Bassong, so effectively discounting him because he joined in January and came in during a poor run is not really helping your statistical argument.

    If you bothered to drag your raggedy ars* down to the Carra you would note that actually Bennet is our best CB , far more mobile than the Arborial Klose , better reader of the game , and able to go with some of the best strikers in the Epl and win the ball , Alexis and Aguerro would confirm this , Klose still has a way to go to prove himself in my eyes .[/quote]

    Klose oozes class. Deservedly motm today. His intelligence on the ball, distribution, reading of the game are impressive.

    He''s not got much pace but as I said above his ability to read the game, get him out of that. He never seems to need to win any last ditch tackles.

    Unfortunately can''t see him here beyond may if we go down.

  11. can u sit down please

    we're better without Bassong


    Just a shame it''s taken injuries and march to finally see the defence we''ve wanted!
  12. can u sit down please

    Not over yet

    Why is realism mistaken for negativity?
  13. can u sit down please

    Karanka spits out the dummy......

    Karanka has been having hissy fits for weeks, bloody foreigners
  14. can u sit down please

    Top Paid Directors

    So was there any info on what the going rate was?
  15. can u sit down please

    McClaren to stay for now...

    Certainly no knee jerk from me. Would rather schteve stayed.
  16. can u sit down please

    McClaren to stay for now...

    It''s still about what we do but this will give them a boost.

    Who would you rather be up against, Rafa or mcclaren?

  17. can u sit down please

    McClaren to stay for now...

    It''s hardly a positive is it.

    Statistics are there for new manager syndrome (talksport just gone through it) one of the 3 will stay up with a record low points this season, meaning a 3/4 game honeymoon period will be enough.

    If you don''t see this as a bad thing I''m amazed. Who would you want managing them.

    Mcclaren or Rafa?

    I can''t see any positive out of it.
  18. can u sit down please

    McClaren to stay for now...

    It''s def him, it''s no lose for him really. Stay up hero. Go down. Was already done.

    One thing he can do is organise a team. Expect to see Newcastle nicking the odd point like Sunderland.
  19. can u sit down please

    McClaren to stay for now...

    Agree crafty. Good manager, who I fear will lift the whole city.

    Tomorrow it''s got bigger. Come on city!!!
  20. can u sit down please

    McClaren to stay for now...

    I was told yesterday morning that the CEO lee charnley was drawing up rafas contract yesterday in Manchester. Looks possible he will be there for Monday.

    Shame the odds were so short
  21. can u sit down please

    Top Paid Directors

    It''s my understanding that mcnumpty is not bonused on football performance.
  22. can u sit down please

    Away prices capped

    Was talking to someone at a recent match. They asked me if we will stay up.

    They accused me of being negative. Why I said. It''s a realistic opinion.

    Seems like some not don''t understand the diff morty. (Not you btw)
  23. can u sit down please

    Away prices capped

    [quote user="PurpleCanary"]It shows, despite what several posters here said during the Twenty is plenty" debate, that protests can sway clubs, and debunks the notion that the complainers were just whingers [/quote]

    Or "complainers" are realistic eh Tilly
  24. can u sit down please

    ST Upgrade Fees


    I think the club in some cases should be applauded for the money that has been generated through various means.

    But sometimes you just want a little bit back. Especially with the money flying about now. Would it really kill them to change this approach?

    I''d be interested to know how many people actually go down this avenue rather than just pass it on.

    I did ask earlier but no reply.

    If I have an adult st, I want to let an u21 go, will I be refunded?