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  1. sorry to keep posting but i just realized they still haven''t apologized for the mess the club is in. SHAME DS MWJ KEEP TH FAITH FOLKS OVER TIME OUR PHOENIX WILL RISE AGAIN
  2. [quote user="Fromage Frais"][quote user="colneycanary"]F***ing great! We going to be stuck with this lot running our club until it we do go into administration! They have brought this club to it''s knee''s! Reading this has depressed me even more after saturday''s match. God how i hate Delia Smith![/quote]I dont want to sound cruel but you sir are a customer she is the owner.If she sells for the correct price (west ham -50 milllion, newcastle sub 60million) then she is going to loose a lot more than you think millions. Infact if the club is so in debt and the gate "does not pay its way" then we are like portsmouth where somone is going to have to deal with the banks over there debt and she may have lost everything.So she is not going to sell unless she either gets her money back or the club goes into admin and she has to. This "seeking investment" may just be a away of her keeping some skin in the game and offereing a return on a minority stake of a Norwich City Business that is successful under new majourity shareholders. However would you keep her hanging around after you invest tens of millions me I am selfish I want all the benefit for the risk I am taking.You see many businesses are like this where they have potential but at the end of the day the owner is the owner and their rights have to be respected.I saw a wonderful cafe/resturant 200m2 for sale the other day closed for two years a1 position excellent in my wifes town I went to look and asked how much.800,000 £!!!!! freehold ( in Tunisia??)I asked how much they took 180,000£ pa and now closed. Now it was obvious that they could not run the place or had the money to improve it.But since the owner was a lawyer he just kept it closed and it is closed till now beacause for him to sell at 200,000-400,000 means he would have lost money so he waits for the offer that will never come.Administraton and Reposession (for people who borrowed too much on their homes) is necessary its our markets way of taking unproductive/unworking assets/businesses and moving them to somone who can do somthing with them.The whole country is like this not just Norwich City just wait till the rates go up from here historic lows![/quote] but FF the owner has a huge responsibility to customer. for example if you and anyone walked in to my restuarant and I told you all to f@@@ @ff very soon i''m not gonna have many punters and not much of a business either, bit like the state off the club now
  3. "we spend too much money" on what half time pies? oh the turner comment they really except that a couple that invest millions walk away with out say nothing? these scummers are sooo full of sh!t its unfugginbelievable
  4. thanx for the post delia''s line about being skint and loans players summed it for me they feel responsible but haven''t got a clue what to do as also selling the club isn''t a option oh division4 (-10 points) ere we come
  5. brendan problem is the board is full of yes men
  6. over the last 13 years she has continually brought down the club, she says she loves the club, but really to her its there to boost her ego and make money. this why the board continually choose the cheap option and not the one best one. because if she really loved the club she would have sold without greed, because when she does sell she WILL make money. anyway having both cooked for and worked for her i can tell she is false, a cheat and full of poo. oh and lastly she lives in suffolk and used to support ipswich (she even lies weakly about this, like when she denied being drunk about her half time comments the other year.) DELIA SMITH A TRUE SHYSTER AND CHARLETON
  7. yeah i posted respecting dani jarque r.i.p.and that got deleted poor show when there''s no respect in the football community
  8. brendan sorry to say we''re going to take a shafting, well we''re used to it now delia''s been doing it for years
  9. yes unless delia leaves but she''s the big white christian dictator so we''re screed
  10. [quote user="Smudger"]Yeah spot on... [Y] Although he was of course missing out one vital point... the fact that Delia Smith and her boardroom members have made a profit on ever transfer window since we were relegated from the Premiership. That is the factor that is more important than any other for where we find ourselves today. [/quote]gerrin'' smudger
  11. just goes to show how pathetic this board is no respect or even common decency,
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