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  1. brickster

    Kieron Gibbs U21

    saw gibbs against juventus last summer in emarites cup match and he struggled against some of juve''s lesser players.def strugled against a 35 yr old nedved.
  2. brickster


    at least pattison will work hard and actually tackle ppl not like some of the lightweights in our team
  3. brickster

    Cullum - So thats that then!!

    if cullum had any thought of buying the club he wouldnt pay what smith wanted he after all is the one with the so called capital and therefore in the box seat.how do you think he got his millions ,not by paying over inflated prices for commodities
  4. brickster

    Lets not forget............

    cullums no fool if he wants the club it will be on his terms not smiths.how do you think he got his money by giving in to wannabe business people,i think not
  5. brickster

    Favourite ever City player ??

    got to be chippy,a real ball player.he ought to be coaching our midfield,then we might be more creative.but also an honourable mention to robbo a real centre forward
  6. brickster

    Huckerby does it again!

    they got to be poor he even scored it with his head!!!!!. how many times we see him score with a header, i cant think of one off hand
  7. i heard sat that iverson is out of contract in november anyway so could be a freebie
  8. brickster

    Bertschin and Putney

    thinks hes there now at brum as a coach or something
  9. brickster

    Bertschin and Putney

    can remember bertie scoring at the barclay end against scummers in f.a cup he got as far as river end before anyone caught him
  10. brickster

    Earthquakes ko 6pm our time

    sorry guys if seen it wouldnt have posted it was just trying to get the times right
  11. brickster

    Earthquakes ko 6pm our time

    like the shirt says houston real men wear black
  12. brickster

    Earthquakes ko 6pm our time

    the game is  @ 3pm est,which means its 12 lunchtime on west coast which also means its 8pm our time. the time diff between uk and west coast is 8 hours ,this i know as the game is being played in the oakland coliseum the home of the might oakland raiders!!!!
  13. brickster

    new player

    jay simpson was also pfa league 1 player of year while he was on loan at millwall last season
  14. brickster

    delia's shares

    has  anyone thought about why their is a new share issue now and then delia keeps upping her stake.some may say theres a case for insider dealing !!!!1