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  1. To be fair I do agree, I regularly loiter around these forums to see whats happening to my team and how people think we are faring, but in the past few months people do seem to enjoy getting their handbags out. An Example are some of beakers posts, they have been put up to wind people up and people are taking the bait, smudgers posts, and a recent one about gossip from dunston hall.I enjoy reading these forums as I live in Swansea and don''t really get any local gossip and am afraid to say probably know more about the swans at the moment than the canaries. But I don''t like trawling through pages and pages of crap where people are slagging each other off and trying to better each other.  ThanksAdam
  2. the away kit looks sweet, not too sure about the home one, it kinda look wierd with the shorts! Me thinks I''ll buy it and be the only shirt wearing Norwich fan in Swansea!-Adam
  3. the only problem is that he''s nearly 30, and do we need another striker? I''d rather we get a couple of decent midfielders and some cover for our defence. Trundle is a big fish in a small pond, a player who impressed on the day was kevin austin, tis a shame he''s 33! He reminds me of how malky played for us. Tis a shame they didn''t get promoted, i live in swansea and it would have been great not to travel miles to see them play!-adam
  4. lol, how good is lewis in goal? I do remember green being dumped in at the deep end, it did him the world of good, as it would a lot of the younger players coming through!-adam
  5. is it me or did worthy play hoosy out of position yet again? he did play better with safs out and playing in the centre. So is it worthy fualt or the player? Why didn''t worthy do that instead of using robinson? Ahh well, i''m just glad we won today!
  6. to be fair he has redited norwich for taking a chance on him"I''ve never doubted my ability," he stressed. "I''ve always thought I was good enough. "It''s just a case of trying to improve as I was younger, and someone taking a chance on me. "Norwich did that and now West Ham have done that and, obviously, I''m very grateful for that." -Adam
  7. Score predictions anyone? I''m going for 2-1 Norwich, optimistic I know! Earnshaw (assuming he''s playing) to score first and then huckerby to be felled in the penalty area within the last 10 minutes and score! It should be a cracker and am lookng forward to warnocks rant if we beat the blades!-Adam
  8. 2-2 final score still a good result against a good leeds side!-Adam
  9. apparently hucks and mcviegh are terrorising the leeds back four! according to score-Adam
  10. Just saw this! http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/FirstNewsDetail/0,,10355~704646,00.html 10 minutes later http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Home/0,,10355,00.html Phew! They really had me going there. -Adam
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