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  1. Delia and MWJ picked him over Alex Neil''s head because Irvine is a top singer who can sing "Danny Boy" at their parties until the tears pour from your eyes. He doesn''t actually work at the club per se, just wears a tracksuit with AI on it and sits in the changing room practicing scales.

    Thought it was time this was out there.

  2. This message board only reflects the true fan base when we are winning and the trolls, Binners and WUMs have nothing to carp on about.

    Don''t be fooled by Pete, Paul, Daisy, Baboon, Daly etc. They are straight outa Binsville.

    Most fans would accept 2nd in the league and 1 defeat in 6 as promotion or even championship form. Most fans accept mistakes happen and life isn''t a game of FIFA17 where managers control everything a player does.

    Disappointed about last night but confident we will bounce back and be top 2 in May.

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