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  1. On your dreadful Wolves thread, you said: "Not one of you suggested a team for yourselves or started a thread talking about a match day team line up." This is me doing exactly that. You might think it''s about you - you give the impression that it''s all about you - but it isn''t. Sorry to disappoint.
  2. My team: McGovern Pinto Martin Klose Olsson Dorrans Tettey Brady Hoolahan Murphy Jerome Thoughts?
  3. It is possible that the rest of the world is wrong on this.
  4. I once left Natalie Portman half-full. It goes with the surname I guess.
  5. Morty and I aren''t close, but I have let him sit on my shoulders to see the game from time to time.
  6. Clearly having those legs around your neck doesn''t hurt, but to be fair to our Chairman he absolutely brought it last night and exceeded my admittedly limited expectations. Check it on catch up. With those feet he could play on the wing...
  7. Anyway I am not in the mood for fighting as we beat Wolves yesterday and I spent the night being fisted by a rugby player xxx
  8. Could he be our Eric Morecambe? Same height and build
  9. Look out for Thompson and Naismith in next week''s LDC predicted team. LDC. Sponsored by LSD.
  10. That Brady, he''s feckin'' useless in''t he. Get him off.
  11. Is it still bullying when everyone thinks you''re a tw@t?
  12. If you genuinely feel that managers tell the whole truth to the EDP, then I have a Nigerian Prince who would like to make your acquaintance.
  13. Can''t. Currently boycotting Carrow Road until the Stowmarket Two are overthrown.
  14. Which estate agents do you work at Matt? I bet your sales patter is right up there. "This house is ****ing awful, I said three months ago they should ****ing sort the roof out and the ****ing heating don''t work. Your welcome."
  15. Delia and MWJ picked him over Alex Neil''s head because Irvine is a top singer who can sing "Danny Boy" at their parties until the tears pour from your eyes. He doesn''t actually work at the club per se, just wears a tracksuit with AI on it and sits in the changing room practicing scales. Thought it was time this was out there.
  16. It is also common practice in many blue chip companies to declare all gifts over a certain value for transparency, and so no accusations of preferential treatment can be raised based on undisclosed sweeteners. So quite different really.
  17. This message board only reflects the true fan base when we are winning and the trolls, Binners and WUMs have nothing to carp on about. Don''t be fooled by Pete, Paul, Daisy, Baboon, Daly etc. They are straight outa Binsville. Most fans would accept 2nd in the league and 1 defeat in 6 as promotion or even championship form. Most fans accept mistakes happen and life isn''t a game of FIFA17 where managers control everything a player does. Disappointed about last night but confident we will bounce back and be top 2 in May.
  18. This is not a game for a debut. Especially after we lost our heads last season, Neil will go for calm heads and experience in the middle.
  19. More bullying from the resident Kray Twins. Oh my stars.
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