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  1. You know what this competition is crying out for.... McGovern Pinto Martin Klose Olsson Howson Tettey Thompson Dorrans Ja Murphy Oliveira See you at Wembley
  2. I can go along with different points of view. However, not when they are batsh*t mental.
  3. Good to see we have a decent stand by if and when Jerome gets injured or suspended.
  4. Whittaker played as a DM against Brentford once. I think you missed a trick with your team. Which wasn''t the team that was picked by the manager, was it?
  5. Not sure if the EDP column is written by Highland Canary but Josh Murphy scored a hat trick against Barnet and got 8 out of 10.
  6. ...except the one against Brentford when he played Whitts as a DM.
  7. High work rate, high fitness levels, clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, tactics which are not over-engineered, a strong team bond and spirit and a reliance on passing and movement which leads to attractive and attacking football. Think League One under Lambert or Alex Neil''s first 20 games.
  8. 44 points will be enough to avoid relegation. That should be our first target and then we can build momentum into 2017.
  9. I have been analysing the league table and working on coefficients and forecasts for the total points required to win the league and to finish in a promotion space. My cutting edge "Borcast" (see what I did there?) says that: CHAMPIONS: 94 points AUTO PROMOTION: 90 points PLAYOFF MINIMUM: 77 points Currently I have us finishing 3rd on 88 points and another trip to Wembley. What do you think - and what will be enough?
  10. McGovern Pinto Martin Klose Olsson Dorrans Tettey Brady Hoolahan Murphy Jerome Thoughts?
  11. It''s a Ha''Wey''en... exclusively for when we get dicked by Newcastle.
  12. If I start a team thread in good faith and others jump on it, why is that my fault?
  13. Dude, stop making this board all about you. You are killing it for everyone else.
  14. It was meant literally FFS. Can we please keep sight of that?
  15. Some of us want to discuss football and some of us need validation.
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