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  1. Anyone is free to make any statement they like.

    This includes the right to tell someone who is talking nonsense that they are talking nonsense.

    If people want freedom of speech to air opinions, then they must accept others have the right to point out those opinions may be ill thought out. I am bring charitable here.

    When those opinions are challenged as being poppycock, crying "bully" is a weak and feeble response.

  2. Duncan is right. Villa and Fulham, Cardiff and Leeds will all be up there come May as they reap the rewards of early and ruthless decisions.

    But that''s not the Little Old Norwich way.

    We will bumble along from defeat to defeat with the odd victory to keep the dissent from boiling over, and the happy clappers will put down any much needed revolt with their typical forelock tugging, scraping and bowing.

    "Prudence with Ambition."

    The death of hope.

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