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  1. Hiring St Andrews hall was of course the highlight.
  2. Perhaps we should talk about the honest posters who have told you that you were talking out of your ar$e with your proposed team line up. I am a bully, but what is their excuse?
  3. If you had more in your life then maybe the quality of your weekends wouldn''t be defined by football. #Changewhatyoucanchange
  4. Anyone is free to make any statement they like. This includes the right to tell someone who is talking nonsense that they are talking nonsense. If people want freedom of speech to air opinions, then they must accept others have the right to point out those opinions may be ill thought out. I am bring charitable here. When those opinions are challenged as being poppycock, crying "bully" is a weak and feeble response.
  5. I think we will lose the next ten games and if that happens then AN must go.
  6. If he can stay out of the bookies and play to his potential in training then maybe he can rival Oliviera for a seat on the bench and/or a cup game.
  7. Duncan is right. Villa and Fulham, Cardiff and Leeds will all be up there come May as they reap the rewards of early and ruthless decisions. But that''s not the Little Old Norwich way. We will bumble along from defeat to defeat with the odd victory to keep the dissent from boiling over, and the happy clappers will put down any much needed revolt with their typical forelock tugging, scraping and bowing. "Prudence with Ambition." The death of hope.
  8. I am holding out for our cross dressing, trailer park dwelling ex player whose name escapes me. Or perhaps Peter Mendham''s tales from Wormwood Scrubs.
  9. I wouldn''t know. But I am not an overly sensitive bedwetting type.
  10. Yeah, maybe one day. Not today though, champ. Clue there.
  11. One day STFU will comment on football and not merely attack other posters. At that point his or her troll licence will be revoked.
  12. Ideally a series and not a film, but thank you for letting me know.
  13. Is this based on the scifI film where Yul Brynner went psycho robot? I wish a Blade Runner series would be commissioned, it would be all kinds of brilliant.
  14. No doubt he has done a great job with six wins from seven, but do we think his team selections are perhaps a bit conservative? Can''t be that challenging to play his best players in their usual positions, can it? Would like to see more out of the box thinking if he is to become a true great.
  15. Good luck. I hope the alligators don''t get driven into the plumbing works.
  16. Not sure I agree. If you look at the formidable Lord of the Rings line up, the dwarf and hobbit were significant contributors to the overall team dynamic. I think we should focus on outcomes rather than results.
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