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  1. Following Norwich is much like my love life in that the most I get is an unexpected semi now and again.
  2. Our shortest ever team.... it would be men against boys, eh? Who am I missing? Bunn E Bennett Charlton Fleming Bowen Milligan Hoolahan Fox Rush (maybe Forbes) Fleck Bellamy Manager; Morty, obvs
  3. We could always play him out on the left I guess.
  4. VanWank, I will reveal all my secrets when you tell us who you used to post as....
  5. Maybe that would be the price of "progress". I am sure some on here would welcome the multi-millions of pounds and consider a drive to the Kings Lynn Doritobowl every home game as well worth the inconvenience.
  6. Wasn''t it an ankle injury that kept Klose out of the Newcastle game? Hopefully it hasn''t been exacerbated by this international game.
  7. Yes, you are quite right. Apologies. Just the 11 then. I feel like Jeremy Corbyn.
  8. List of posters on Wolves thread disagreeng with Lakey regarding Dorrans... King Canary This Is Babyish Hoola Han Solo Indy Bones Rock Bus Jools Buh West Coast Canary Herman Yankee Canary Plus the other two.
  9. "For the umpteenth time, suggesting putting Dorrans wide left was to give a bit of bite across the whole midfield defensively, particularly for the Newcastle game if Brady was unavailable." Mmmm. Except after pages of posts questioning why you would play Dorrans there against Newcastle, you then repeated the same suggestion for the team against Wolves. You know, the game where Brady played and scored. It is almost as if you wanted the controversy....
  10. We need the SDP to make a comeback and I don''t mean Sports Desk Pete.
  11. Looks like Butch Cassidy has found his Sundance Kid. Cute.
  12. Morty is actually Adrian Forbes. Or was it Matthew Rush? The shortest one, anyway. A pocket sized Snodgrass.
  13. Ruddy COULD play as a striker. Ruddy SHOULD play as a striker. Biggest difference. #English101
  14. Sounds really full if your weekend is "full of boredom". I spent the weekend engaged in S&M, alcohol and various pharmaceuticals and I wasn''t bored once, though I was drilled a few times.
  15. He could probably fill in there as a short term measure if the rest of our players who could play left wing were struck down with gastroenteritis or ebola. Otherwise, no.
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