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  1. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with the comments regarding David Fox, in that he has improved massively, and is looking quality, I have to say I think Andrew Crofts was a better, and cheaper signing, on a free from Brighton. If some egg head can be ar5ed, they''ll probably find a post from me before we saw him play, raving about him. I still can''t believe we signed a player of Crofts ability on a free, and think this has been the championship signing of the season.

  2. Mark my words, he says to the press that he''d be happy to stay in the division, I''d bet that he''s been telling the team since about September that we''ve got our eye on catching qpr. Or even that we will win the league, since about June. We only hear what he wants us to hear.

  3. Talking of handshakes, my favourite has to be sheff utd away on boxing day a few years back. I think mcVeigh had been booked for celebrating, so when we scored again, Dean Ashton stood there, and the team formed an orderly queue to shake his hand. Made me laugh a bit. Apart from that, any celebration against the s c u m.

  4. As I sit here, a few pints down, supping on a nice macallan, I''m thinking how much The club has been through in the last 4 years or so, and how different our situation is. Over the years, I''ve taken a lot of c rap from everyone for being a city fan. All my Man ure, chelski, man el city, Liverpool etc. etc. Fan mates and associates have ripped it out of me continuously over the last few years. I''ll always stick with them, they''re my team! But my god, it feels great to be sitting in the pub, discussing our current situation, rather than being laughed at for ''looking forward'' to taking in st James Park Exeter at the weekend. I''m loving being a city fan at the moment. We have 2 people to thank, obviously Paul Lambert, and one David McNally. I know it gets said every week, but I dread to think where we would be if these two hadn''t one along. Anyhoo, rant over. Now...... Where''d I put that Macallan......

  5. I don''t think it''s uwise to implicate an employee As the source of a rumour about NCFC, on an NCFC forum. I think it''s unwise of said employee to say anything to anyone if they don''t want it known. We''re all (well mostly) city fans on here, and we talk about this stuff. A rumour, or story like this comes from somewhere. Either someone made it up, therefore it has no truth anyway, or said employee told their hairdresser. Who then told someone else and so on. Not our fault.

  6. Hullo naaaail! Obviously, canary call has been responsible for some outrageous phone calls and comments, but what''s your favourite memory from it?

    I remember the day we were relegated from the premier league (I think), someone called in and said, "Neil, I''d like to ask you the question that''s on all norwich fans lips at the moment. How big is your P e nis?". Does anybod else remember that, or did I dream it?

  7. I speak to him every now and then, and he was hoping that his injury wasn''t too bad. Obviously it was worse than thought, and he had to have it operated on a while back (which I believe was reported). He started training just before Christmas. But after so long out, it will take him a while to get as fit as he needs to be.

  8. Ironically, considering the 2nd post on this thread, the most annoying thing that happened to me, was some liitle turf telling me that my seat, which it said on my ticket, was his now, and I can go sit somewhere else. Can''t be the same guy though, it sounds nothing like what he said, and although I was with 2 mates, I had another 2 coming up to their seats to join us. We''d gone to a lot of effort to get 5 seats together, considering we got there 2 hours before they did. But this kid said to me, "itself anywhere mate, fuck off". And I said, "I''d like to sit I''m my seat, so jog-on". We were all told by stewards that we couldn''t sit where we wanted, we had to sit in our seats. To be fair, the kid tried to argue, so I showed him my ticket, and stood in front of him. I thought it was a bit out of order that when I said, "excuse me mate, you''re in MY seat", he replied, "it''s sit anywhere mate, find another one". Like I said, couldn''t be the same guy.
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