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  1. Im having a lot of trouble viewing the new website on my iPhone, and iPad! Anyone else had problems with this?
  2. Perhaps telling the whole world whether or not we got anything isn''t a good idea. Have the club stated that there was no compensation paid? Or are you just assuming? Let me guess.... You know a guy....
  3. I wouldn''t be unhappy if we signed an an older, more experienced centre half TBH. We need someone to replace Zak, and we have 2 really good young prospects already (Bennett and Ayala).
  4. You got there just before me. Wigan??
  5. Just seen on tw@tter that we''re after Joseph Yobo. Any legs in this? Or the usual gumpf?
  6. I know there have been a million threads re PL, so I apologise for starting another. Also, this, unfortunately IS one of those things where somebody knows someone who knows someone etc., so take it as you will. It may even be complete BS, but I have no reason to believe/disbelieve it. A customer of mine - who is a staunch Man Ure fan may have shed a little light on this. According to him, (partner works for someone at the club) last summer, PL was offered an assistant manager type of role at Liverpool, under Kenny, with the intention of grooming him for the job in the future. He supposedly didn''t take it, as there was no guarantee that he''d get the job should King Kenny be sacked. Basically, if Kenny got the boot, it was equally possible that PL would also be booted out, to allow the replacement to bring in his own team. And PL wasn''t too happy about stepping down to assistant manager. As I said, could be utter BS, but this guy has no reason to make this up. I found this interesting following on from Bowketts comments the other day. Doesn''t sound totally implausible to me. I''ve read enough on here to know that people will shoot down whatever is said here, so please, form an opinion! I doubt it would be any different had I said that I knew for sure what had happened! *tin hat on*...
  7. "The only thing that surprises me is that they are aiming to challenge the top of the table, nothing I cannot see us doing." Therein lies the problem I believe. It was said that our aim next season was to stay up, and PL said that didn''t match his ambition.
  8. [quote user="AndyCanary"]What sort of sh!t journalist gets told that 11 days ago and doesn''t write a story on it?.. It never happened.[/quote] My thoughts exactly
  9. [quote user="St.John Cooper"][quote user="Buzz Killington"]Get a grip!! He''s been our most successful manager ever.[/quote] Can you define this as I would say it is not the case, as we have finished a lot highter in the PL before? [/quote] I define it by taking into account his performance over the time he has been here. The back to back promotions. The win ratio. The fact that everyone wants to take him off our hands. So you''re judging him purely on our finish this season? Are you even a Norwich fan? I understand the upset at this time in the way (rumour has it) that he''s gone, but as I said - get a grip. He''s still done a fantastic job for us over the last 3 years.
  10. Get a grip!! He''s been our most successful manager ever.
  11. Hucks will be at Coral bookies in Wymondham this Saturday! Might go and get my book signed.
  12. I just went on to register my ''yes'' vote, and when I clicked on the link to see the chart, it took me back to the vote screen. I''ve voted yes about 30 times!
  13. I doubt anyone will know, but I''m in Leeds this weekend, and will be watching the game online. Anyone know a pub in Leeds that might have it on?
  14. Well done BBB. Looks like you spotted this result coming in April! Some people crack me up. Bringing up this thread after a carling cup defeat. When was the original post made? Oh yes, when we LOST against swansea. I guess this kind of doom and gloom merchant, fair weather fan is to be expected along with the untold fortunes that lie in the premier league.
  15. Find the best odds you can. I manage a bookies, and can tell you the best odds are online. If you''re not confident of placing a bet online, go into one and ask for help! They''re quite nice really. If there''s another bookie nearby, they''ll both match each others prices, so be confident and ask them to. It''s nothing to be nervous of, go and ask. Alternatively, have a bet online, just make sure you know what it is you''re backing. Like the other guy said, don''t "Lay" a bet online, place it. Laying is like "backing" it not to happen, on the terms someone agrees with you. Very complex really. Don''t be nervous at all to ask in a shop!
  16. I seem to remember getting shot down for a similar post before the new deal. He was 2nd fav in the betting for villa, a much bigger threat than west ham or bunrley ever was.
  17. Because he''s not in the betting for the Chelsea job.
  18. Your sarcasm is astounding. And unnecessary. Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
  19. But the way betting works, the odds for and against will add upto over one, so the hooky wins if the same amount is staked on each. If he''s 10/1 to go, he''ll be 1/11 to stay, or more. At those prices you''d have to stake a load of cash to make any money. When his odds are 2/1, 15/8 or something, then it will be worth betting against, but then it''s probably going to happen.
  20. I know this is getting ridiculous, every time someone needs a manager, and don''t want to cause outrage. I heard today, just from a mate (who is nothing to do with the club), that lambert is being strongly tipped for the villa job, if GH doesn''t come back. It''s purely a rumour, and there''s no source at the club or anything. I dismissed it entirely, I then looked at the odds checker website,with vicor chandler, Lambert is 2nd favourite for the job! 11/2, as opposed to 12/1, or 14/1 for the wet spam job. Bookies don''t know anything official (which I know, as I am one!), but I found this interesting. If he''s going anywhere, which I don''t believe he will, surely Villa is more likely than wet spam.
  21. http://www.norwich.vitalfootball.co.uk/sitepage.asp?a=240834
  22. I think I understand the OP perfectly. I know a fella, who''s always been a Barnsley fan. Lives near norwich. When we were in league one, I had it ripped out of me for being a city fan. Fine, I take that. As we''ve crept up the leagues, moved ahead of barnsley, I''ve started ripping it out of him for a change. He is now a massive norwich fan!?!? He''s even got tickets to the Coventry match. I''m all for the casual supporter, but thats ridiculous. I know several huge city fans (who always have been), who are unable to get a ticket to the Coventry match. That''s what winds me up most.
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