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  1. I''m all for group discussion, but the manager should manage! The situation we are in is atrocious, and has been entirely avoidable. Our manager has spent over half of the season, constantly tinkering, blaming tactics, and the right formation for the game. We now need a miracle to make the 40 point mark. If our manager had any sort of managerial nous, he''d know that tactics alone will not win a game - particularly against superior opposition, as we frequently encounter in the PL, and CH likes to tell us. You need desire, passion and endeavour, all of which have been squeezed out of our squad in place of endless tactics, shape and formations. CH may be a fantastic coach, and I don''t doubt his commitment to the club, and even his job. But he''s the manager. Why sign a player like RVW, and not bother to set up a team to play to his strengths? Then spend all season blaming poor results (hull, villa, Cardiff, etc) on bad luck, and heavy defeats (we all know) on having vastly more modest resources than those teams. The truth is - WE ARE AWFUL. We lost 7-0 to man city, with a man behind the midfield. To hear a player come out after a 2-0 defeat and blame not having that midfielder there is insulting. I don''t want to hear, ''we''ve had a chat about it...'', I want to hear an admission that they know what it takes to get out of our mess, and the players will be busting their guts to turn things around. When we went down before, we changed manager, and changed again, and changed again. We were relegated to L1 with no passion, no commitment, and no idea. Bryan Gunn saw this and started started by signing characters. Holt, Nelson, even Matty Gill (who was a norwich fan)! Paul lambert then capitalised on this injection of passion and commitment, to propel us through the divisions, in a perhaps unexpected, meteoric rise to the PL. Now I don''t expect that this would continue indefinitely, or we''d be 15 points clear at the top of the PL by now. But we are slowly watching all the passion drift away from the team. Vast sums (for us) spent, signing players who are technically better than what we had, but are unable to play. Shackled to their positions week after week. Too many tactics, not enough football. We will go down, and CH will have extinguished any passion, or desire in our team. We will have gone full circle.
  2. [quote user="The Sensational Zak Cartman"]Is now a bad time to point out that we''re currently on target to finish twelve points clear of the bottom three? [6][/quote] 1 point per game = 38 points. I doubt the team in 17th will finish on 26 points. I believe someone has been relegated on 42 points, which would put us 4 points adrift.
  3. The OP makes a decent discussion, and has written a top post. What a lovely change! But from my point of view, if we''re a bottom 6 club, on a bottom 6 budget, why we''re we the 8th (?) highest spenders in the summer, and our chairman stated that Hughtons aim was to finish in the top half. Regardless of what the fans think, it appears the hierarchy inside the club do not agree with you. To sack the manager is a gamble, simple as that. My view is that if you''re conceding 7,5 or 4 every time you play these big games, your manager is not doing something he should. Surely, if as the players keep saying, these games are what you dream of playing, motivation shouldn''t be a problem. None of the other ''bottom 6'' clubs are losing these matches so feebly, capitulating in the games that their players have admitted they dream of playing in. Honestly, as it stands, I think we''ll go down. And it could well come down to goal difference. Unless we start winning some games 7-0, these games are going to be why.
  4. I''m pretty sure Chris Hughton wouldn''t have told the team to go and stand off, give the ball away, and not chase back, generally play a slow, poor a game as they ever have. So you have to wonder, why did they play so badly. Even before we conceded we looked lazy, slow and disorganised.
  5. I know we are nowhere near these teams we''re playing, ie man city, Chelsea, arsenal etc., but that''s the division we are in. Other teams seem to give them a game, but never us. No, I didn''t expect to win, or even draw today, but to fall apart so pathetically is utterly inexcusable. We''re a joke. No doubt some of you will deride me for my opinion. I couldn''t give a toss. We''ll continue to be a laughing stock.
  6. [quote user="morty"]When the names of prospective managers are mentioned, I do wonder if people would even consider Malky, if it weren''t for the fact he played for us.[/quote] Spot on, Morty.
  7. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Morty said he was going tonight so don''t worry about him, his glass will be half full and his faith will sustain him. Perhaps all the other truest of true fans will be similarly reassured.[/quote] I wonder what defense Morty will come up with tonight. If that isn''t eye opening, what is? No wait, "we were at old Trafford....."
  8. [quote user="Wirecanary"]I went tonight £64 for ticket and parking .. The least I wanted was at 2-0 down we throw another striker on and give it a go if we conceded another couple so be it ... A lot of fans travelled a long way .. But no we just went through the motions .. Conceded another 2 and didn''t even try to score. No attempt by hughton to change it. What has beccio to do to get a chance ??? Wes was awful .. No impact at all .. It was crying out for a change despite the injuries. Hughton has no plan b and even though this cup wasn''t important I feel a mug for going tonight .. Enough is enough ..[/quote] This is exactly how I felt after my trip to Hull. It has actually put me off going to matches.
  9. Been saying the same since February, but today is the same old. By all means, deride my opinion, tell me I''m less of a coach than you, generally big up your own situations, personally attack what I have to say, claim this is a knee jerk reaction to (another) shocking defeat, but whether you like it or not, we stand to be relegated. It won''t change in the next 3 games, or however anyone has decided do is fair. We''re 5hit.
  10. In or out? No dig at his tactics or anything, or anyone else for their opinion, just a simple do you think we should stick with him, or send him on his way?
  11. And neither did it provide the points we need. Or the goals. If you don''t beat the promoted teams, you struggle. We''ve taken 1 point from 2 of them. They''ve taken 4 points from us.
  12. I should just add, that I mean the players they wanted to get in, not me.
  13. I also seem to remember us trying to sign a very good centre half (Alderweireld?). We didn''t get him (a bit above us I feel), but there was no back up option. How were we going for such quality, and end up bringing in nobody for that position? A creative mid would be great, too. I agree that our management didn''t get in the desired players over the summer.
  14. We''ve got 7 points. 8 games played, so now we need at least 33 points from 30 games. Our last 4 games are against so called bigger teams, who will all be playing for something at that point, so let''s assume we''re getting no points from those. That means we need a minimum of 33 points from 26 games. We haven''t accumulated anything like that in the last 26 games, so I think we''ll end up going down. If you think we''re going to he unbeaten in 10 again this year, an take 22 points from 30, you''re delusional. If we manage this, I''ll be happy, but I cant see it. Losing to arsenal and Chelsea will make no difference, but the results we''ve had vs Hull and Villa are 6 points we''ve lost, and it''s our fault.
  15. What''s with the word, ''apologist''? As a supporter of NCFC, I have never, and will never not support a norwich player. What do people think there is to be gained by giving a player a hard time?
  16. We played very well today, and credit where it''s due, for once CH got his tactics right. If only we''d been more like that against hull ''ey? Anyway, my point is this; I still am alarmed by how few chances we create. Howson scores from distance, and we defend well for a decent win. But how many chances did we create? 2? I dare say Stoke had a similar number, with half the amount of possession. How many chances are we creating for our new strike force?
  17. "Or he thinks that our best chance of winning involves a different approach to that of most fans." If this is the case, it''s not working. We''re not winning games, and we didn''t for a large part of last season.
  18. I accept your point, and agree that a lot of fans seem to think they''re qualified managers, which they obviously are not. However, we did not set out to win against Tottenham. We went with a point, and we''d have all been chuffed to leave with a point. We lost though. We did not set out to win that game, we clearly set up to not lose. And no, I''m not a manager, and nor do I think I am.
  19. [quote user="Cambridge Yellow"]I think Saturday''s results tell you a number of things. Firstly, while the result at Hull was very disappointing they aren''t going to be the league''s whipping boys. West Ham experienced very similar issues to us. They conceded an early penalty and then were unable to break through despite monopolising possession (albeit against 11 rather than 10) . It also tells us that this is the most open title race in years. The reason for that is because I wouldn''t class any of the 6 champions league "contenders" as being a great side. So there is no reason these teams cannot be beaten, particularly at home. Obviously it is never nice to see rival teams pick up unexpected points. However, it is ultimately about Norwich City picking up points and not relying on other people. If we hit that 40 point mark it is very likely we will be a Premiership side again next season. That has been good enough in 17 of the 18 seasons since the Premiership became a 20 club division. I am very confident it will be enough again which makes the rest irrelevant really. [/quote] On current form, we''ll need a 50 match season to reach 40 points.
  20. "We try to get three points wherever we go. Ultimately I set a team up to try and win a football match" I think it''s fair to say that most fans will disagree with that statement.
  21. Why is it, when we defend deep, we get torn apart, and lose. When hull are down to 10 men, so defend deep, we create nothing.
  22. It''s not looking good I''m afraid. When we play teams is irrelevant. We should be picking up points against Hull and Villa, whenever we play them. The good run we had last season is what kept us up. At this rate, we''ll be saying that it was these results, early in the season that sent us down. And yes, I''m panicking.
  23. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]But Paul Lambert is the messiah!!! what do Villa know???it''s not like we have a better manager now is it![/quote] He''s not the messiah! He''s a very naughty boy...
  24. Apologies for another depressing post, but lets blame these depressing away performances, ''ey? Anyway, we really are struggling away from home. I''m pretty sure I can count our shots on target, away from home, on 1 hand, since, maybe Wigan away last year. Surely, there must be alarm bells ringing somewhere in the changing room?! Especially considering that we spent a good 13 million on strikers this summer. I''m fed up of hearing nothing said about this by the club. All we get is Chris Hughton saying, "it''s an area we need to look at...". I rarely have a weekend off. I spent a fair bit of money to travel to Hull a few weeks back (not just on the game, but time off etc), and left the game feeling conned. I didn''t see a clear chance, and we played against a promoted team with 10 men. After an hour or so, I accepted that maybe we just had a bad day. But now we''re saying the same again. As we were after we famously didn''t muster a shot on goal away at wigan last year. I had been considering driving up to stoke, given that its on the last day of a week off. After today''s game (which I listened to), I felt exactly the same as after the hull match. I''m now no longer considering a trip to stoke. It''s just too far to go to see the same performance. You can accuse me of not being a fan, or being a fair weather fan, whatever. I went to considerably more effort to get to away games in league one. I enjoyed it, win or lose. I''m loathed to jump on CH''s back. I think he did a great job in replacing mr lambert - a thankless task. Something needs to change, though. I used to be desperate to get to an away game. If I''m non-plussed, there''s seriously something wrong.
  25. [quote user="refjezdavies"]There was a player with four parts to his name[/quote] Jean-yves De Blassis Played at the same time as Cederic Anselin. There''s an easy 2 for you.
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