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  1. This thread says exactly what needs to be said. Sick of people saying he won''t be sacked while we''re in the premier league. We''re there until the end of the season. That doesn''t hide the fact that we''re terrible at football, losing games we should be looking to win, on a regular basis. If we played well every week, and got results, then playing well at west ham and losing would be unlucky. But we''re saying the same things week after week. We''re not unlucky, we''re awful. We''ve had a sprinkling of half decent/important results amongst the dross. The board should have taken action ages ago, but have obviously kept faith in the man. How that is still the case, I have no idea. Keeping him in a job now, is a bigger risk than changing him ever was. I hope they do read this at the club, because this is how our manager is making us feel. Not all of us, but a growing number of fans hate the guy for what is happening now. Unpicking the design of the last 4 years one match at a time. How anyone can look at our goals scored record and defend Hughton, I don''t know. This situation has been on the horizon since our now infamous 10 game run, which I believe is what''s still keeping him in a job, came to an abrupt end, and still the club have said nothing. In this time, fans won''t march on the ground for fear of becoming the cause of decay, so this is how people are choosing to make their feeling known.
  2. I disagree, but a nice friendly reply. A refreshing change on here. Thanks!
  3. And do you really think we''ll reach 40 points this season? We''ll be at least 10 points worse off than last season - probably 15. But that''s ok, we''re cutting it because we were 11th last season.
  4. You''re right. We''re progressing along nicely. That''s why all the fans are so happy. Hoping to be away from the likes of Fulham , Cardiff, Stoke, hull, and the like, is not a delusion of grandeur. We''ve invested heavily in a manager who has taken us backwards. How can anyone not see that.
  5. Why? Fans have a right to be pi55ed off. It''s been clear for so long that we''re not cutting it. Fans have every right to be fickle. I''d say that the fans have been extremely understanding with the club for sticking it out, with only mild message boards signs of discontent. Fans don''t want to contribute to the downfall, so rarely make their feelings known inside Carrow rd, why shouldn''t they vent a little on the message board?
  6. RVW is undoubtedly a quality striker. He''s scored goals at every other club he''s been at. I''d say his ability is not the problem, but our inability as a team. I can''t remember how many times I''ve seem him lurking on the penalty spot waiting for a chance, when Redmond has cut inside, and blasted over (again), or Snodgrass has just held onto the ball too long forcing him to come and look for it. If we can play to his strengths, he''ll be quality. If we can''t, he''ll be off.
  7. I''m also not a professional athlete, and I guess very few of the poster on here could honestly say they were. I just struggle to see your ''we''ll definitely get points from Fulham, hopefully they''ll be dead and buried by then'' comment. This is a discussion forum, isn''t it? Or just a hurl abuse at other posters forum?
  8. Blah, if I was angry, I''d have used one of those lovely red faces. Maybe you should discuss the point, rather than try and insult anyone who doesn''t agree with you. Just so you know, this is also not an angry post. Just words on a screen.
  9. You really think well definitely get points from Fulham? They''re our bogey team. And villa have already beaten us at home, with a manager who never loses to his old clubs. What makes you think we''ll beat them? We needed to be taking advantage of so many games already this season when we should have got points, but didn''t. Villa, Hull, to name but 2. If we''d only won those games ''ey? Everyone would be a lot more relaxed now. But as so many said at the time, it''s ok, they were so early in the season. These games won''t relegate us.
  10. Being a free transfer makes these sort of wages more achievable for a club like us. We''d fit him into our pay structure, with a hefty signing on fee to make up the £65k figure. It''s not as black and white as it seems.
  11. Therein lies the problem. We''re not feeding the wolf, or anyone else for that matter.
  12. I was under the impression we were only allowed 2 loaners in the squad? Or did I make that up? A bit old at 33, but at least we''re not throwing millions at it.
  13. Has anyone noticed that this same vague info was the same for RVWs toe, e Bennett''s injury, and various other little niggles to players.
  14. RVW is a quality striker, without doubt. He''s been good at every other club he''s played at! The fact that our manager is happy to spend a club record fee to bring him in, then not bother to set up a team to support him, says more about our management than RVW. Some people need to wake up to this realisation.
  15. Last night was our 8th clean sheet this season. That suggests our defense can cope. However, if we''re low on numbers, we need to sign a defender. Simple. In terms of strikers, I think we have a more than capable strike force, but they''ll never score while we play so deep, make them tackle back and try to create their own chances. Poor old RVW is forever following the ball, just trying to get a kick. He should be in and out of the box, trying to put away the chances we''ve created. I also think Snoddy, Fer, Howson, Redmond, e Bennett, can all be creative, but make wrong decisions, and misplace passes far too often. I''d suggest that CH may be a good manager. But we need coaching on how to attack. It doesn''t matter who we sign, if we''re not going to let them play.
  16. I was chatting to a couple of Newcastle fans on the way out of Carrow rd. they said in the first half we were a pub team. Worst they''d seen for years. They were upset that they weren''t 4-0 up at half time. I''ve got a mate who supports Southampton, and he is revelling in how bad we are, and how most fans seem to be happy that we''re so high up the league. He thinks it''s hilarious, and makes a good point that most teams wouldn''t put up with such poor form for so long.
  17. Mediocre would be an improvement. We''re dire. We''re fortunately placed in the league.
  18. No one is bigger than the club. I''m a self confessed CH outer, but really, I couldn''t give a monkeys about him. If the team are winning games, I''m happy. Whoever the manager is.
  19. The fact that they are so ''in it'' is purely down to playing in the Europa league, and shows why maybe our board were right to say they don''t want to play in Europe.
  20. My thoughts exactly. I''m sure Jonas is a capable player, and we''ve taken a beating in midfield, but this is one of those examples of a manager signing a players they''ve worked with before. Desperate. I couldn''t care less about whether Hughton can handle the pressure. I care about our team. I wish he''d stop talking about himself.
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