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  1. Wow, I never thought this would help with anything,but I work in a bookies! I''d have thought they made a mistake previously, if a player gets injured, he played, and it''s a Losing bet. No money back. If you want to argue with them, keep the bet and call their customer care line.
  2. I actually heard the same thing from my ex, who works in the players lounge, as a steward, only apparently thats why he was dropped a couple of weeks ago. He turned up 20 minutes after everyone else, and was swiftly booted back out. She was at the players reception before the match that day, and said he sprinted through late, and 10 minutes later, walked out and got back in his car - could have happened again on tuesday i suppose.
  3. Haven''t spent any money? What planet are you on - we just haven''t bought many! We pay loan fees for all the loan players we get. I''m pretty sure Stefanovic is a massive investment in wages. And when did we ever tear teams apart in the premiership?? You''re not talking about ''93 are you? Surely where we are now should be the norm by now, not 2 really god seasons nearly 20 years ago!
  4. [quote user="city-till-i-die"] the statement from the club is going to make some interesting reading!!!!!! could this pave the way for PC    lets bloody hope ...if not...as lappin it up would say...were doomed i tell you doomed [/quote]   The statement from the club will just confirm that it may have happened, and that they have no comment.
  5. The truth will come out in 50 years - God bless the 50 year rule.... I can''t wait.
  6. the scum are actually sponsored by their sugar daddy. They have his name on their shirts!! Disgusting.....
  7. 4-4 with Boro, I satyed after all my mates left, god how i rubbed their noses in ot when i got back to the pub. 2-0 vs Manure the same year. 5-0 vs walsall the championship season. 5-0 vs swindon, followed the next week by 5-0 vs huddersfield (about 1999 i think) 3-2 away at luton the season before last, Playoff final, Playoff semi at home, 4-3 defeat to port vale at carra, just because it was hilarious to see a guy jump out of the Snakepit, run half the length of the pitch and throw his shirt at Bruce Rioch. 2-1 vs newcastle when Safri scored from a mile out. Loads and loads of amazing memories. 1-0 away  win at Maine Road (Adrian Coote scored the winner and he now works for the same company i do! I worked with him last week!!!!)
  8. I never worry about pre season friendlies. I think we had a poor pre-season the year we won the league didn''t we?
  9. It could just be me, but when i go onto the official site, the headline i see is still "clingan settles in well". It''s really pis sing me off now, anyone know why this is hapenig, or how to stop it? [:@]
  10. i don''t want to pi55 on anyones parade, but we''re not Man-ure. We''re not talking Rooney and Tevez, we''re talking Cureton and Martin!
  11. Well done for appointing such a manager then, Delia.     Some people just won''t give credit when it''s due
  12. Pretty much anything by Muse - Knight of Cydonia sounds pretty good. Or New Born, or Plug In Baby
  13. They played for different countries, but Bagheri and Arce. Don''t know what clubs, they may have played together at some point.
  14. OH MY GOD!!!! That is FRICKIN'' amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I can''t remember who, but someone on here last week said they knew Cullum, and he was going to make a statement this week that would tear the club apart (releasing all the details of the ''offer''). It''s now Thursday, and nothing has come out. As I said before that guy tried to tell  me my views - I''ll reserve judgement until I hear the details. I am niether pro board or anti board, i''m just waiting for official information before i decide.
  16. [quote user="National express super guard "][quote user="Midlandcanary"]Yes we do need him. He is better than croft and chadwick so imo is a good signing![/quote] u gotta back that up with stats or is it just your opinion. Don''t go knocking crofty [:#] [/quote]   Don''t get this wrong, I like Crofty, and really rate him, but 1 goal and 4 assists in a season isn''t enough for a winger. Before i get shot down, he is only 22, and will improve his game yet.
  17. To be fair, we do only hate wolves and the scum....  
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