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  1. MOST media savvy! Bloody edit button would be handy.
  2. I just asked and he said it. No need to take the piss, just thought i''d let you know! I can''t believe he was so frank about it, but he was. Let''s face it, we don''t have the los media-savvy board.
  3. I was walking up carra rd after the match yesterday, and saw roger munby outside chatting to some people. I heard him mention Aidy Boothroyd, and asked if that was the new man? He just said, "it''s 90% done, just trying to sort compensation out for malky.". I couldn''t believe it! No word of a lie!!
  4. I love gunny, the man''s a legend! But I fear this role could ruin his relationship with the club and fans. Fingers crossed...
  5. Was at bramal lane on saturday. Decision made!
  6. I don''t see how I defended anyone?! I merely said it would be intersting to know how many people voted! I even stated that I didn''t vote, this clearly NOT stating a preference! Putting words in my mouth a bit there...
  7. By all means, despise what the bloke does! Unless you have 3 people sitting in milk telling you crimes before they happen, the closing the gate after the horse has bolted is all you can do! Unless you have power on the board??? It''s simply out of order that people are hating him for getting rid of bell and hooligan, when they are both still on the books! And I don''t think he''d sell them, but it''s not all down to him is it? If one of my staff wanted to leave to work somewhere else, I couldn''t stop them.
  8. would be interesting to know how many fans voted in that poll. I didn''t, and I check the edp site regularly. Theremist be tens of thousands of cityfans that didn''t vote.
  9. Here here!! So many people on here get so worked up by rumours! All hear say I tell you! Seeing is believing. Slag him once it has happened.
  10. the vast majority of pinkun message board users anyway. Unless you are on personal terms with every Norwich fan in the world!
  11. Hope everyone had a good old years night! City till I die....
  12. snot january yet! Get back in your box!!
  13. http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1512649/ShowPost.aspx  
  14. I''m a bookie, and it''s definitely because of the horses on the Saturday. It has been in the racing diary since before the season started
  15. Worthy tried to sign him a couple of years back, but failed. Wouldn''t surprise me, but that seems alot when we have no funds.
  16. Just getting home from an amazing day out! I woke up this morning dreading the prospect, I''m going to bed a happy fella. I can''t stop smiling, what a feeling. I can''t stand the scum, I''m so chuffed! Always sh*t on the old blue and white!!! For once I can go to work in the morning and gloat. Well played the boys.
  17. Come to think about it, mike walker and Robert fleck both came back too!
  18. Erm.... Darel Russell, jamie cureton. Maybe sometime soon the mighty raymond de waard!
  19. I used to. And I sat in the upper barclay, but now I sit where ever I can get a seat.
  20. I really want to go tonight, but have no one to go with, should I go alone??
  21. don''t businesses have to declare theo profits, and pay tax on them? Also, there are many other costs than staff!!!
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