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  1. i should re-write that link!   www.myspace.com/normalfornorfolk   also check out ''ooh huckerby''
  2. Check out this music - amazing!   www.myspcae.com/normalfornorfolk   some cracking, NCFC songs, particularly ''Magnificent four''
  3. Ok, I just spotted it! So sorry to make people read this twice, but let''s face it, it''s worth repeating. I prostrate myself before you, and beg your forgiveness.
  4. Too late, but some good news at last! Fozzie has gone! So has eagles! Best news in ages! Hope I haven''t missed this on here already.
  5. [quote user="kdncfc"]With the backing he should get from Evans I can see him doing ok there, at least the scum have shown a bit of ambition and gone for a big name manager.[/quote] Coz he never got any backing from niall Quinn at Sunderland! Oh wait....yes he did! He apparently spent 50million when they went up, and about 10 million when they were down. That''s why we can''t have a manager like that!!
  6. FFS! I asked a simple question! For information, I had a season ticket until we went into the premier, then had a change of jobs, and started working Saturdays. I don''t know if you''ve noticed, but it has been pretty difficult to get one since?and since when was your renewal free? Some people are just straight up DICKHEADS! Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
  7. How much would a new season ticket cost? For example, in the barclay?
  8. I''m not one to blame others for our failure, but what is our goal difference? -12? How many penalties have we conceded this season? 12? Surely they haven''t all been stone wall? I''m pretty sure we''ve conceded more pens than any other team, and I can recall at least 4 that have turned out to be wrong decisions. I have remained positive that these would even out over the season, but it''s getting worse. I''m truly upset that referees can have such an impact on our season. We have also been pants, so I''m no blaming them for our position, but I just can believe that it hasn''t abaited all year. Bring on the mighty brentford!
  9. that was my only trip to portaloo rd too! I remember iwan scoring a screamer with his back! Can you beleive that was 9 years ago?
  10. Anyone know of any pubs with the commentry on sunday? I can''t stand listening on my own at home! Would be good to have a bit of atmosphere too.
  11. I was going on Sunday! I''ll have to watch it on the wireless, but if we win I''ll be hitting the town for the afternoon.
  12. glad to see city are playing such quality opposition in pre-season. Should set the standard for the season! shouldn''t we be playing pros at least?
  13. wow! I live in Wymondham too! What are the chances?
  14. Malta seems to be a hotbed, but it''s no surprise as you canfly there from Norwich! While I was there a Maltese taxi driver pulled up next to me in my colours and started singing on the ball city at me!! I couldn''t believe it. He said he got to Carrow rd twice a season and was going the next week! He offered to buy my shirt for 100 Maltese lira, which was about 120 quid. I turned him down though. Apart from that I see them everywhere. On my way through sharm el sheikh airport, a whole family of them walked past, at the pyramids, in Turin, in Amsterdam, tenerife, hamburg. We really are everywhere! Y''army!!!
  15. i don''t have one due to work commitments, but my job is changing in march, and i''ll be working in norwich, so i''m getting one. Gotta support your boys through thick and thin (or thin and thin in recent times). City till i die...
  16. Did anyone else see a load of city fans wearing fake bald heads?
  17. God I wish I was going! Bloody sold out! I bet there will be seats free though!!
  18. Has anyone got their tickets? I''m meeting a load of mates at the match, but they''re travelling from leeds. one of them reckons its not allocated seating (sit where you like?). is this true? i thought otherwise, it''s a new stadium!
  19. Outrageous! Everyone knows who chippy is! From the days when a free kick on the edge of the box was as good as a pen. Call yourself a fan? And a barclay boy at that??
  20. Because he''s butt ugly, and his nose looks like a c0ck! And he''d swing into training on a rope shouting "hey you guys". Seriously though, he has been sacked from charlton, qpr and Coventry in the last 3 years! And palace before that! Bad choice if you ask me.
  21. Jesus Christ, I''m only saying what was said! I have never made up a rumour on here, never led people on, I usually just read and have a good laugh! Maybe they tell people all different things, who knows?? I''m literally telling you what was said! I made no claims!!! Bring it up all you like, job or not! Some peope have far too much time on their hands! Remind me not to bother in future.
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