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  1. Strikes me as a little odd that we have no money to pay wages after the season. Players at our level earn very little (by their standard) during the summer, as they are not playing. The real money is earned through bonuses when they play/score etc.
  2. .... Dele Adebola has been released by Bristol city. Could he do a job?
  3. Once again, the man is spot on in the edp! I''m really loving the fact that he has been telling the club what was going to happen for 2 years and they just haven''t paid attention. If only someone inside the club had the balls to say the things he says. I don''t think we''d be where we are now if they did.
  4. [quote user="Penfold"]We are finding out who the real fans are. We''ve got two camps on here, the passionate fans who are distraught at the distruction of their club, and the johnny come lately happy-clappers who think everything Delia does is wonderful despite the fact things get progressively worse every year. [/quote] ''johnny come latelys''? How many post do you have? I don''t want gunn in charge, but I''ll get behind him. I love the club, and I''m not on the board. Simple. What else can I do? Or anyone else on here? Well said UEA.
  5. I work for coral, and they have no betting on it.
  6. Cracking profile pic by the way ACE! Chris Barry. What a guy! Stoke me a clipper.....
  7. Touché! I meant the 3 people who had posted so far. But now it''s 4, I think we could all still club together. I''m not ruling it out at all, but I doubt we all have the same numbers anyway.
  8. Me too! If we all win, we should form a consortium, so the club doesn''t lose out. I''d keep 20 million (no need to be greedy) and sponsor the club for 10 years, 9million a year. That''d do!
  9. Really, I didn''t want to, but it was keeping me awake. I had to say it! I''m so sorry.
  10. Quality adaptation of the best poem in the world! Just one tiny niggle, and I''m sorry to bring it up. But his name is munby, not mumby. So sorry to mention that.
  11. His family still live near tesco at harford. See him alot really.
  12. [quote user="hogesar"]http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1650412,00.htmlNot even been decided yet. So ''Loan City'', instead of insulting Gunn and others, why don''t you do everyone a favour and fuck off?[/quote] Here here!
  13. That is well out of order! Gunn is a city legend, who genuinely loves the club. I saw him cry on tv the other day, just as I would have. He might not be up to managing the team, but I firmly believe he has the team at heart. Can you really blame his inexperience for us going down? How many of the squad he inherited were even his? I wouldn''t be happy to see him as manager, but at least he has the balls to want to stay. If it was me I''d want to try and sort it out!
  14. ct is ........ McLovin! Brilliant! Don''t listen mate, I''ve had it at work all week! It''s crap I know, but we''re city till we die!
  15. He has to go! He coined the phrase "prudence with ambition" if I remember rightly, also he''s taken far too much money from the club for the decisions he has made, which has led us to this. I think it was his idea to follow the charlton model too. He has another job anyway, on the football league panel. Also..... He''s an arrogant turd!
  16. Maybe the ''majority'' on here who believe they represent the views of most of the fans, are not quite the majority they think they are?!
  17. I didn''t say anything about delias attempts to find new investment. I just asked who the people were who want to buy the club. Apparently, alot of fans say she is standing in the way. If that is the case, who is she standing in the way of?
  18. so if it''s a myth, can anyone name someone that wants to buy the club? Cullum? He has actually said that he doesn''t want to! So, who are all these buyers that delia is keeping at bay?
  19. isn''t munby chairman? Delis is joint majority share holder.
  20. i was sitting in the jarrold stand, and noticed that she left her seat at 1-0. just before they scored again. thought it was strange at the time.
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