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  1. I have a mate in america, who I spent some time with over the summer, and obviously, talk was geared towards "soccerrrrbaaaaaall", what with the world cup going on. I taught him a thing or two, and convinced him to steer clear of the premier league, and try following city. Does anyone know if the Watford game will be on in America? He''s keen to see it, but I can''t find any information on it.

  2. May be taking this old skool, but it''s only been mentioned once.

    BRAZIL, we all hate alan brazil, we all hate alan brazil. If I had to pick another it''s got to be brian Hamilton. Seem him for a couple of games. Failing that, alan hansen. The guy was a good player decades ago, and goes on about poor defending all the time. What does he really know about the game now? Enough to say that senderos is one of the best defenders in the prem, and bendtner is one of the best forwrds. W4 nker.

  3. Was working today, when Stephen elliott came into my shop. Nothing new, he and wes often come in in the evenings. I asked if wes was out for the rest of the season and he said no, he "should be back for the gillingham game". Wes wasn''t there though, so it wasn''t straight from him. Michael nelson also came in today. Nice fella.

  4. If he walks "a bit" like he''s pooped himself, maybe he only "sharted". Phillip Seymour Hoffman admits to sharting himself in "Along Came Polly", where he goes on to explain to Ben Stiller''s character that he tried to fart and some extra came out with it. He is white, so don''t get offended you edgy race baiters.

    That made me laugh out loud! Well played!! Shart.... Awesome (I have seen the film)!

  5. "by all accounts" he is not up to the job is simply rubbish. Under no circumstances could someone play professionally and score 20 plus goals if he has "an attitude problem".

    Puttig words into my mouth a bit there gpb. I never said he''s not upto it. I said, "by all accounts he has an attitude problem". I was of course refering more to his off-field antics. Well known around my area for larging it on the p*ss, declaring that he earns more than anyone else in the pub, so he can do what he likes (he''s now banned from most pubs in south Norfolk!). I also said that I rate him. He''s not the first, and won''t he the last young footballer to go through that phase (not taking it as seriously as he should at first). Personally, I''m really happy that he''s knuckled down and is clearly reaping the rewards of hard work. And so are we! If he carries on as is, he''ll have no problem carrying us into and out of the championship. I for one, am extremely greatfully that he has chosen to stay around. I doubt I would have after the way Roeder treated him.

  6. I rate him, I really do. I agree that he has made an amazing contribution this year. I think his problem is simply that he didn''t take seriously what it is to become a footballer. By all accounts, he has some serious attitude problems, and people know it. I think if he carries on as he is, he''ll get people onside eventually. Some people just need more convincing than one good season.
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