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  1. [quote user="Scooby"] [quote user="C.T "][quote user="Evil Monkey"]You''re retarded.... [/quote] hmmm EM its funny how Billy Bunter predicted we''d lose to MK amid a barrage of abuse.. now he''s predicting we''re going to get relagated and you come back with stupid insults.... [/quote] Ooooooh, predicted we''d lose, ooooh.  You''re being as big a prat as he is.  Every pessimist on the board said we''d lose. That doesn''t make them a footballing genius.  If you want to jump on the Wiz/Billy band wagon then go ahead.  They don''t have many friends I''m sure they''ll appreciate the support. Oh, and Billy, B****r off you tiresome little boy. [/quote] Go back to school yourself sunshine.
  2. oh fvcking great, all summer long we been linked with him and he is what we need! so its bad enough for us to miss out on him! let alone rub our faces in it with him moving to scum! im livid with our board if this is the case! they should stumped up the cash MONTHS AGO!
  3. oh internet lol i knew i was just testing you all to see if you are on the ball [:$] im at work till 5pm but i will try to get them on tonight, playing football @ 7pm so i will either put them up before or tonight about 9.30ish
  4. [quote user="Clipped Canary"]Simple request for you Bunty. Post pictures of your ticket stubs from the two games you went to. It''s not difficult, just scan them in and post them. Personally, I think you''re full of s**t, and would just like a bit of reassurance as to how big a tw@t we''re really dealing with. [/quote] what a d!ckhead mate, i will do that just for you mate, dont see why i have to prove myself for being norwich fan for 24yrs of my life! How do i know your not supporter? send me your copies to please address please?
  5. [quote user="Nigel Worthless"]What an absolute moron. Why don''t you just support someone else![/quote] post of the season i think, i presume you wasn''t one of the loyal supporters to go to mk dons last night? guess what mate i did! I Purshased my ticket with every confidence we would have good season. so far watching the two games i have seen we look very ordinary at best. i believe we will stay up as we will be the average/worse teams and get enough home points in the bag. but seems i go home and away i would like my team for once least to fight and show passion and not just roll over because the other team has more will! i wonder how many of you tinted spec wearers have gone to either game so far. plenty time for the season to turn around but its not excatly the start we needed after last year. as for c.t i dont want norwich to be relegated but he makes good point. it maybe the chance for us to start fresh with new squad. this whole old dead wood mixed with 30loans isn''t working! didn''t last season won''t this. honestly were do you guys see norwich next summer? i personally see norwich coming 15-18th in league having the same problems with the squad size on we have no numbers and us being in same situation next season taking stability as good news. now dont get me wrong i dont mind writing off seasons for building a squad as long as i know theyll be improvement. i just cant see where this is improvement or in the 3yr plan managers set
  6. our only pray is for leicester and leeds to gain promotion and for teams such as blackpool to come down. would we even survive in league 1 currently if we was dumped in that league tommorow?
  7. [quote user="The Butler"][quote user="billy bunter"] im still going though, so knock me all you want but how many you guys going? or are you just tuning into teletext or radio? i may be negative, and yes i do think we be knocked out! but least i am making the effort! [/quote] The only thing "out of the cup" is you ,you left tit! [/quote] MUG, i think you''ll find we was one of the biggest upsets to be knocked out with out use of penalties which is a lottery. basically we was out played by league 1
  8. [quote user="billy bunter"] just getting the post ready so i dont have to post it 10.30pm tonight   [/quote] just simple bump is all i need to do here, its not being negative its being realstic people
  9. im still going though, so knock me all you want but how many you guys going? or are you just tuning into teletext or radio? i may be negative, and yes i do think we be knocked out! but least i am making the effort!
  10. to be honest im not worried about the carling cup and going out may do us good for our league position but for once i don''t want us to be embarassed and to may be go on  a bit of  a cup run which we never seem to get! but putting weakened side out suggests to me that we will be knocked out!
  11. just getting the post ready so i dont have to post it 10.30pm tonight  
  12. currently 22nd will we ever get out relegation zone? home game vs blackpool is important think we will cruise to victory but if we was to lose we have very tough set of matches coming up
  13. Say coventry were 1-0 up and norwich had pen in 93rd minute just for draw would you want them to score it or miss it for 800quid???
  14. [quote user="hogesar"]To be fair, i think we''re taking quite a good following. And yes, the previous visits would give an indication that it would be a pretty bad atmosphere. Opening games are interesting. I think we have the problem of too many players coming in, some not playing with each other for more than 20 minutes, and it might take a while for us to gel. I know it''s been said alot, but to be honest at the moment we''re going to have to look to pass it along the floor continously, since we have no target man; which means the team need to be even more familiar with each other than normal in my opinion. I honestly dont have a clue who''ll win this one. If there is a winner.. [/quote] big following? 2k? some teams took 4 or 5k there last season average following for those who bother well done. those who dont shame on you  
  15. [quote user="Dictator Smith"]If we go up lol , this lot will stuggle to get out of the bottom half .We must be the only Championship club that had no transfer kitty this summer , oh how we should be grateful to Delia and her chums for getting us a few cheapies ,freebies and loans in all paid for out of their own pockets .Frankly its much like the woman herself sickening . [/quote] to be fair we have spent a little money on hollahan and bell how much your reckon 250k and 400k so we spent 650k which lot more than alot in our league my worry is that we are spending fee''s on year loan when we should be building our own squad. yes the squad may not be perfect this season but we could build it for year after but this time next summer norwich city will still be in the same position
  16. cameron jerome is the answer star cameron jerome
  17. for gods sake people listen for once our loans not similar to stoke city! why? because stoke loaned 3or4players with view to purchase them and thats what they did with shawcross, griffin and cort! they also didnt loan 25loans at once always had two or three at time next... what should we do with the loan system? im happy with few of the loans i.e lupoli and this omunuzi looks promising also bert as we know. but its the average prem youngsters we now drafting in last season in gibbs and bates etc... this year some other hopeless wannabe who will be no more than a sub if they going play in 1st team great loan them but very much doubt all these players on loan will get more than a carling cup match run of games in 1st team  
  18. [quote user="JC"]Cant see what is to laugh about personally. I would take Campo in a heartbeat, he is the sort of player who can take a team to pieces in this division. [quote user="WEEN_NASTY"] I see from the EADT that Campo is saying he''s signed for the binners. I couldn''t resist adding my comment to the bottom.[:O] That''ll stir ''em up. http://www.eadt.co.uk/content/eadt/sport/story.aspx?brand=EADOnline&category=IpswichTownFC&tBrand=EADOnline&tCategory=zsport&itemid=IPED07%20Aug%202008%2012%3A58%3A45%3A773 [/quote][/quote] i wouldnt off signed the clown
  19. well done for being creative, least we not pinching other clubs songs to same lyrics bar the blank for players name
  20. shows how two faced you lot are people sent abuse to sam leeds and we8wba about posting to wind up people then you lot do the same anyways fancy an invasion on the ipswich board? lol
  21. why does everyone want iversen? not that good player in my opinion.
  22. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]If we cannot afford a squad surely its time for Delia to get out and let somebody have a go who can afford one , quite frankly with all these loans we are a bit of a laughing stock . [/quote] agreed i say 2 or 3 loans is fair enough 7 or 8 is really a joke not got the money then sell up, thing is i believe there are funds, not saying millions and millions but believe we have 1-2m in the kitty but we are stupid enough to blow it on one player (ameobi) if avaialble we should be building a squad
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