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  1. how do you know we would of gone down under grant? yes we were in trouble but you cant prove this! their win ratio are the same, and on current form roeder is going to be worse than grant in 3 or 4 games time if he gets no win
  2.                                                                                            P   W  D  L    % Peter Grant 13 October, 2006 9 October, 2007 47 17 11 19 36.2 Jim Duffy[iii] 9 October, 2007 30 October, 2007 3 0 0 3 00.0 Glenn Roeder 30 October, 2007 present 34 13 9 12 38.2   A difference of 2% more win ratio for roeder, i think its funny how many hated grant but love glenn so much  
  3. [quote user="susie b"]Watch out or you are going to need the wings of a sparrow. Actually, I think I''ll just set my cat on you instead!!![/quote] damn u caught me on your hook
  4. i dont get this though where does the money come from? and the winnings?
  5. "A BLESSING" now don''t get me wrong i don''t rate him but i don''t wish injury or support it! some fan you are!
  6. im sorry to all people on this page i apologise
  7. what a joke how could you not select villa? but then you select goal shy leicester to beat half decent team in league 1 in tranmere also dont pick blackburn vs hull   terrible
  8. [quote user="Bingo"] This from February 2008 NEWCASTLE flop Albert Luque has launched a bitter attack on English football — and vowed never to return to the Premier League. [/quote] going to be fine not playing in the premier with us  
  9. [quote user="I. Shurmer"][quote user="Disco Dale"] And David Villa ? [/quote] Come on, now you''re just being silly... I think the best we can realistically expect to see a Luque + Ameobi strikeforce this season. I would think that Villa probably wouldn''t want to drop down to the Championship. [/quote] Mug, maybe if we were in the league above cant believe muppets like you talk about tinted glasses again! i bet all money in the world this doesn''t happen! lets face it even team like hull? stoke? far more pulling power, even average french prem or turkish side would
  10. [quote user="Muddy funster"]Blackburn to bring Hull down to Earth with a bump - nothing is more certain in a two horse race this weekend - It''s a bankermy pop-picking friends! [/quote] 1. home win 2. draw 3. away win   = 3 horse race you numpty
  11. YIPEE - cracking news                                                                                                                 NOT
  12. [quote user="Lisa-Marie"]Thank you for the advice BB although i have only been here for less than 24 hours, give me time!! I have yet to see a live game this season due to holiday etc therefore would feel a little ''Canary Call'' commenting but i will, i promise....[/quote] we shite i wouldnt bother going love!
  13. im not saying he is crap, i rate him! but half people on this forum believe the sun shines out of our teams ass and they can do no wrong (bar delia and doncaster)
  14. [quote user="Dogger Slipraid"]Well they get paid footballers wages[/quote] should do in my opinion. nurses put in more work than the Majority (some of them do)
  15. villa to piss over shitty stoke 4/5 cracking price why why why deliah
  16. [quote user="bunny"] [quote user="billy bunter"]can we sign usain bolt? long ball over the top and we should get opportunities[/quote] Would not be much good I am afraid for the following reason; 1, He is a sprinter not a footballer.   [/quote] what and the 16 who turn up every week are footballers?
  17. glasses tinted norwich  - rearrange he is probably good, but if you look hype on this forum then we suppose to play like brazil apperently i''ve heard lupoli signing off the year - i wonder if they still think that after the "miss" we will get playoffs - we got 1pt vs blackpool and coventry (both came bottom 3rd) glenn roeder is god - although we showed no real signs of improvement results wise loans are BRILLIANT - we obvisouly wont have squad next year   every one moans at me, but really half you lot are the REAL NUMPTIES. taking every think norwich related as gospel
  18. can we sign usain bolt? long ball over the top and we should get opportunities
  19. [quote user="billy bunter"]don''t think it will be us but deal seems to be in motion for the past week, thats long time for deal to be completed and usually theres some complications or another club when this happens[/quote] thank you thank you could smell this a mile away
  20. wolves had 2.5m bid rejected for the striker, i doubt that now he scoring in league 1 as well that they will sell him for less! because to be be honest i can''t see us paying more than 2m for playa now would love jermaine beckford though
  21. don''t think it will be us but deal seems to be in motion for the past week, thats long time for deal to be completed and usually theres some complications or another club when this happens
  22. andy keogh has recently been out of the wolves team to, maybe he is unhappy being sub??  
  23. don''t you think bit odd that im up 9.48 posting a rumour. if i was going to do it i would at 10am and catch everyone on it.
  24. [quote user="ncfcstar"]You know why you can''t answer Billy? Because you''ve made it all up.[/quote] leave this till end of the week and i renew it as soon wolves have bidded for shacks then!
  25. [quote user="kdncfc"][quote user="billy bunter"] thats the rumours i''ve heard. heard an unamed player maybe involved. im purely guessing at a striker seems we need one. would fancy bothroyd to be honest! [/quote]Boothroyd signed for Cardif a couple of weeks ago.[/quote] don''t know who else they have up front available! don''t know any other positions we really need to be honest as midfield and keeper is sorted and full backs! only up front and quality centre back needed! and be silly sell our best for one of there''s who obviously not as good if willing to give them up.
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