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  1. http://www.wolves.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/0,,10307~1381345,00.html no last minute hiccups, he passed a medical i believe.
  2. jackass try reading the post i posted WAY before you. if you simply scrolled down the page instead of opening your mouth why does stuff like this not get removed when theres two posts on it, but i put genuine statement saying beattie is coming and you move my post
  3. craig beattie coming in on loan - reliable source
  4. ameobi started on saturday so doubt a move will be on the cards
  5. quality that idea is, but i must say..... you need to go back to school and take art
  6. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"]As I understand it was us who rejected him. He wanted to move here, but Roeder didn''t like his atttitude.[/quote] i think it was down to his indecision to fully commit to us long term. he said he would be intrested in a move here! i personally think roeder did the dirty on him before he did the dirty on us at the last minute meant to be fairly good but this is about the 6 or 7th team he rejected in last 18months
  7. 9.35 Rangers forward Alan Gow has rejected the chance to join Championship side Blackpool in a £250,000 switch why do teams bother to try and sign him? he seems to reject every deal what comes forward! no real ambition of playing first team football in gers team! hope he rots in their reserves!
  8. ps. i dont think he will but say roeder does crap and gets sacked say december time. what has the next manager actually got to work with
  9. when we going to get our own squad? i heard we getting helguson on loan, and i personally think he terrific player for us! but can we please start to build our own squad? the last 18months we just been LOANING LOANING LOANING we have to make a stand eventually and build our own squad
  10. [quote user="Ween_Nasty"]No, but I had three quarter lengths on with my city tattoo showing.[/quote] hard as nailz respect
  11. [quote user="Ween_Nasty"]How ugly is Campo?[/quote] butt ugly
  12. STH and went although only get to bout 80-85% matches at home, go few away games but slowly giving up on that till end of the season if we have something play for either end of table    
  13. its not stephen elliot   http://www.pnefc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10362~1379579,00.html   wolves swapping him for matt hill
  14. not time to be fighting c.t great point today! unlucky not to get more
  15. i bought you this rumour 2weeks ago, and said the deal could be done with a striker coming in exchange? maybe stephen elliot?
  16. i bet he does well with stearman partnering him though
  17. i told you 2 weeks ago wolves were back in for shackell. the deal has been in talks since then! apologies beneath please
  18. [quote user="IncH_HigH"] That was a bloody quick afternoon out. Didn''t they like you at the seaside either.[/quote] won nintendo wii at arcade so not carrying that around all day
  19. this is only if he can''t find anyone suitable
  20. Roeder should be sacked if we unable to find adequate signings. regardless of "how much he got" there are/were players out there avaialble morrison free, rasiak loan, hasselbaink free, bothroyd 100k thats 4 names i drawn up in 15secs.
  21. to the seaside for the afternoon when i return i would like to see either we signed someone or we least made statement saying we are trying! silence is killing me!  
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