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  1. anyone read the betfair forum? bloke put 500quid accumalator on   5 Cardiff v Birmingham (Backing Birmingham @ 2.55) 1 Everton v Liverpool (Backing Liverpool @ 2.06) 6 Betis v Real Madrid (Backing Real Madrid @ 1.9) 7 Espanyol v Barcelona (Backing Barcelona @ 1.81) 2 Stoke v Chelsea (Backing Chelsea @ 1.35) 4 Leeds v Hereford (Backing Leeds @ 1.34) 8 Celtic v Aberdeen (Backing Celtic @ 1.28) 3 Arsenal v Hull (Backing Arsenal @ 1.21) stands to win 25.3k if arsenal, barca and madrid win
  2. norfolk i misunderstood it, and sorry we both could just solved it in your post then and my post now but obviosuly captain marvel hadnt to jump in and run his mouth, he talks about how he doesnt need defending from anyone and then does it himself to someone who hasnt asked for defending that shows me how much of plonker he is.
  3. [quote user="CaptnCanary"][quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] [quote user="CaptnCanary"]Smeg off wolves fan. He wasn''t criticising anything! You read sarcasm where there is none![/quote]   What. Thats a bit much when he was actually sticking up for you... [/quote] I didn''t need sticking up for when I was not being attacked. And certainly not from the resident got no life fan of another club. I''m sticking up for the OP who I am sure will be pretty annoyed by We8''s comment when he see''s it. [/quote] get your head out your own ass for gods sake mate. gods sake if all you got is moan at me over a little misuderstanding which i said sorry for then you truly lead one hell of a sh!tty life
  4. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] [quote user="CaptnCanary"]Smeg off wolves fan. He wasn''t criticising anything! You read sarcasm where there is none![/quote]   What. Thats a bit much when he was actually sticking up for you... [/quote] if my name was bob the norwich fan it would be fine. sorry if i mistunderstood and i apoligise, im doubt im the first to not catch on to internet humour.
  5. [quote user="cityangel"] Wolves to beat Bristol City.   Good Luck[:)] [/quote] Caution  angaist this by the way is wolves without tested keeper wayne hennessey and will throw in wolves youngster carl ikeme for his 1st wolves league apperence. he is very good keeper to, but may have nervous?
  6. [quote user="C T has left the building "]17-Bell 8- Clingan, 20 Russell, Narrowed it down to 3! If I got C.T what sort of reaction do you think I''d get? [/quote] wait until january window i would c/t
  7. [quote user="norfolkchance1"][quote user="CaptnCanary"] Omar, Omar, Omar Koroma Omar, Omar, Omar Koroma Omar, Omar, Omar Koroma OOOOmarKoroma Bit of a tongue twister but it works [/quote] Yeah that works doesn''t it, great. [/quote] and yours does? critising others when yours is no better. bit pointless really!
  8. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"]oh right i see...[/quote] thats if you know who elmo was at the time?
  9. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"]who is ''your team''?[/quote] my other profile was elmo one, and for some reason its logged me into that
  10. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"]who is ''your team''?[/quote] as i said i in this instance not comparing our teams, im commenting on the "were the best supporters comments"
  11. i dont wish to be rude and i know i will get slaughtered for my above comments, but truly are these guys realsed out nut hutch once a week or what?
  12. your would heard louder noises in a church than norwich city away support at our place last season. that is a fact!
  13. [quote user="BarclayBoyPete"] Best Supported Clubs Away From Home 1. Manchester United - Numbers + awesome song variety 2. Portsmouth - Not so many numbers, very loud whether they are winning or losing   Barnsley away sat :)       [/quote] comedy stuff on here norwich arent even top 10 away support - last year at wolves you 1. didnt fill your allocation 2. didnt sing - regardless off how your team player, you didnt back them 3. built no atmosphere up   im not saying my team is in the top 10 either but say norwich is the best in the nation is somewhat april fool joke right?
  14. think you already recieved your compensation in him being injured! things may changed in last few years but he was rubbish at us, to small to dominate midfield, average passer, not really tackler. bit like poormans carrick but as i said i havnt seen him for years so could have improved
  15. [quote user="lincoln canary"] wolverhampton is the aresole of the midlands, full of scally''s. ive never enjoyed a song so more than when we sang "were going up the baggies" in the playoff semi final. class [/quote] 1. you didnt go up 2. we went up before you after the playoff 3. you havnt finished above us since before that playoff game (when we in same league) 4. you havnt beaten us since that playoff first leg   now i think its funny your hate towards our club because our fans dont give to hoots about norwich! maybe most your anger comes now as we fairly similar sized but we actually spending money, young squad, and the best talent outside the premier. when you just seem to loan players? i dont know im prob wrong and you will deffo disagree with me here thats for sure. but i cant see your "hatred" for wolves being just because of kevin muscat in one tackle? if so then you all bunch idiots! wasnt nice tackle but then these tackle happen once in a while! if you hate us because so called fans violence then why dont you hate leeds, cardiff, swanse, stoke, millwall more? find it all rather amusing, im sure other wolves fans would like the chap earlier because we havnt even heard of your hatred for our club before
  16. i know marshall is worth alot more than the rest mate! i dont want these to be sold and i dont expect them to be! im mostly sayign we should have 11 players who would least get 600k + look at sheffutd, wolves and birmingham for example
  17. love him or hate him shacks has generated some good money. but who else if their at the club who currently "our" player who we could sell for reasonable price? marshall hollahan maybe russell   thats it i personally think! that somewhat shocking
  18. i think him and that spearmint will be good partnership in defence
  19. We can still loan outside of the window can''t we?
  20. good point davo i dont think keogh is coming, we should make move for him though i think
  21. [quote user="Davo"]If he has passed a medical why do they say it''ll be this afternoon? Davo [/quote] just guessing, thought they look dickheads should they parade him in a shirt then he fails medical maybe just the fa on dinner break
  22. liked him to stay this close to the window, we should sold him month ago if we was willing to sell him then we could got the striker in already
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7B_6pE93es then we know we had a busy day
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