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  1. [quote user="ncfc90"]rather have bertrand than drury anyday, plus rather have omuzusi ahead of otsemobor[/quote]Bertrand for me all day long
  2. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Who cares what the transfer budget is?  If we keep signing quality like Stefanovic, Hoolahan and Bertrand  the squad will be very competitive.  Yes we still need a strike force worthy of the description but if we can get them for next to nothing it shows what could be achieved.   [/quote]Stefanovic will make a difference; He will be top draw in the championship
  3. I hope you are right! It will be good to see them come in this week before the Spurs game
  4. My brother is a spurs fan and watches the reserves alot, he rates Pekheart alot and thinks, Pekheart will break into the spurs 1st team this year? (I think he said he was with the first team on their pre season in spain) If we could get him for the first part of the season it would be great (IMHO)   Cat   Just checked and he is with the first team in spain and scored at least one goal in their first friendly match
  5. Does anyone have the specifics of why we have the Spurs friendly arranged? I may be being a little hopeful but prior to a couple of moves from Peterborough a few years ago Spurs played a couple of friendly matches (first team as well as reserves) – With Spurs having such a large squad and particularly a large squad of younger players: whether a season on loan for a player or two would be good for both teams? They have already sent out at least one youngster with potential to Orient.   Ever hopeful  
  6. My plan is to take a potential new partner along to the game,[:O] maybe I should think again!
  7. All the best hux you will be missed, I will try and convince my missus that San Jose will be a better holiday destination than Florida![:D]
  8. [quote user="ron obvious"] HANG HER !!!!!!! BREAK EVERY BONE IN HER BODY !!!!!!!! BURN HER !!!!!! BURN HER !!!!!! Is that Ok  then ? I love all this irony & satire stuff. [/quote]   Hi Ron   Just a word of warning, If Delia is found hung with broken bones and burnt then suspicion may well point towards you. I have some experience in the legal field and have seen people convicted through tenuous circumstances such as this. In one episode of the Rockford files Jim said he was going to drive sober, the police heard this and didn’t check him…but he had been drinking see the similarity?   Regards Cat
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