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  1. [quote user="Shazzakidd"][quote user="Ziggurat"] was reading their forum this morning LA Galaxy is apparently their "Ip****h" so heres hoping its a good reult for the Quakes [/quote] And yet LA Galaxy''s Ipswich are Chivas USA (if I can recall correctly) [/quote] Sort of. Chivas USA have only been around for three years, 2 of those being while we were on hiatus. So there were a couple years where the Scum didn''t have us, so they had to find someone else. Sure enough, there''s another team in their city, so its only natural. Once we start getting back into things, the rivalry between us and Galaxy will kick off some more again. Here''s some great moments from our California derby. 2001: San Jose beats the scum in extra time of the MLS Cup final. http://youtube.com/watch?v=eKmguvdjABg 2003: Earthquakes vs. Galaxy in a 2 leg playoff match. LA wins the first leg 2-0, then takes a 4-0 aggregate lead in the first half of the second leg. An incredible comeback sees the Quakes tie it in added time, then win in extra time (no away goals rule, thank god). We won the cup that year as well http://youtube.com/watch?v=2UX64lUaKHM Then there''s of course the Landon Donovan saga, the fact that at one point we were owned by the same group, who neglected us, spent all of their time focusing on the Scum, and eventually moved us to Houston.
  2. Sorry about the quality of the match, for one thing this is our first year as a team, and Toronto are in their 2nd year, so really we''re two bad teams fighting it out. And in addition, it was pretty obvious our goal in the match was to get out of there with a 0-0 draw. We did it successfully. Doesn''t make for the best football, but we did our job. And Hucks showed some flashes, he just needs to get fit and he''ll do fine.
  3. JOE CANNON!!!Justice served, for fuck''s sake that was not a penalty. Just glad we have an awesome keeper
  4. Joe Cannon with an excellent challenge, I really hope he''s not hurt badly here
  5. Not always on this site, but there always is some kind of broadcast online. I''ll find it for you all and post it on here each match
  6. There''s usually most premiership matches online, and i think you may be able to find one championship match a week online.
  7. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Anyone else getting "Not broadcasting" a lot and a lot of buffering or is it my connection?[/quote]Must be your connection, its been perfect for me.And Ibrahim scares the piss out of me
  8. Hucks is in black, and he''s playing on the left side of midfield
  9. The channelsurfing link is excellent, good luck for all of you trying to watch. I''ve gotta watch online too, as I don''t get the channel and I can''t head down to watch at one of the pub''s as I''m leaving immediately after the match on vacation
  10. Just a reminder, game starts in a little more than half an hour. And for those of you wishing to buy shirts, Huckerby will indeed be #6. We waived our old #6 to make sure he could get it [;)].  Wish us luck!
  11. I doubt he''s fit. Both teams tonight are in midseason form, and Hucks probably hasn''t trained much since the end of the Championship.
  12. And as for Huckerby''s status for tonight, word around here has been he would not be expected to play. If he does, it''d be a short stint near the end. And he isn''t even a sure bet to make the bench for tonight. That said, I''d hope we''d let him out for a bit tonight. Either way, it''ll be a good chance to see what he''ll be dealing with here. As we''ll be travelling all the way across the continent to play in possibly the toughest environment in MLS, I think a draw would be an excellent result.
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