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  1. http://unprofessionalfoul.blogspot.com/2008/08/david-who.html -Bigus
  2. I wish I''d seen that before I posted the piece. I''d have linked. Great stuff!  
  3. http://unprofessionalfoul.blogspot.com/2008/08/championship-preview-ipipipthem.html -Bigus
  4. Roeder is not liked by many players. His attitude and they way he works is unusual to say the least. But if he gets results who will care? Players get paid very well and if they have to take some stick from GR for their pay check so be it. -Bigus.
  5. Well on they go.....I think the key point here is this...Oasis...The Darkness...They are both absolute garbage. One had talent but continue to reproduce over rated records that rip off other peoples music. They are also fronted by one of the most retarded, self-indulging idiots that has ever been squeezed out into the World. The other are just garbage and never had any talent. Either way Norwich march on..Lets hope they avoid this kind of conflict in the next round eh? -Bigus.
  6. Then we would have Bell, Chadwick, Croft and Solano on the right. I doubt we would be looking to add Nobby anyway. I am hoping Roeder is trying to sign 2 strikers and a centre half!  
  7. 1: Solano is in L.A with a look to moving to the Galaxy. 2: There certainly was not an 8k cap last season. -Bigus.
  8. Bigus would like to know if it is cut big? Bigus is a large but had to hit up an XL for that skinny fit Flybe jobby.    
  9. Twas last week......Bigus had it first......... http://unprofessionalfoul.blogspot.com/2008/07/this-is-why-soccer-has-no-chance-in-us.html
  10. Sorry Houston. Don''t agree. I watch lots of local sports here. I am a big Yankees and Rangers fan. I eat, sleep and breathe local sports. I also know how professional our affilate stations all over this country are. Gary R is an idiot. Only an idiot would interview a footballer without checking his facts or preparing questions that make sense. But it is not a huge surprise as he works for an NBC affiliate. This is partly why NBC are number 3 and considered a bit of a joke when it comes to news programming. -Bigus out.
  11. Houston, I live in New York and have no knowledge of the stupidity of the average Texan but I can tell you that TV presenters and producers here do their homework. I can speak from experience as I work for one of the largest Television comanies in the World.  
  12. Chris....Radnich is ONE idiot. The Earthquakes get 17,000 to hime games and have a few supporters groups of hardcore fans. many fans from South America who live in the area. He will be appreciated. Footy getting exposure is a new thing here and morons like Radnich are rare.
  13. http://theoffsiderules.blogspot.com/2007/11/video-yallop-talks-to-local-news-perv.html Radnich again.....Dohh.
  14. Lets not pigeon hole the entire country based on Gary Radnich and Houston canary please! -Bigus
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