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  1. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Care to enlighten Mister Positive, or are you just going to say you can''t divulge information :rollseyes; Mr. Waghorn is obviously slowing having a change of heart, no Cullum bashing in this article![/quote] I can''t really, I am a situation where it would not be correct to say anything more, other than Waghorn is not clutching at straws
  2. [quote user="Grando"]He can''t be the Doc if he states his profession is footballer! Boom boom.[/quote] Grrrrrrr[:(]
  3. If they have the best interests of the club at heart then all the money they invested they should get back, plus what ever interest they would have got if the money had been sitting in the bank.
  4. The last few days on this board has been so boring, I think I have only posted once or twice! So after myself having a pop at Archant for their ever changing storylines, and sensationalism of articles, I am now so desperate for something to talk, and or rant about, I take it all back. Come on Archant Lets be Avin You! Write any old BS you want before I die of BOREDOM
  5. Last night after coming back from a party with Mrs Be_Smart, we got on to the Euro millions thing and if we won, would we buy NCFC, and she said No! I was about to justify why we should, and the fact we would still have £40 million left after buying the club, which is enough for everything you would ever need, when her response shocked me. She said I would buy Ipswich Town, close it down, build the suffolk branch headquaters for NCFC supporters club where the ground was, and pay all the poor sods off that were given 5p in the £ during administration. We have been married 7 years and when we meet she was a Liverpool supporter, she now wears her NCFC top match days and comes with me we she can, our second child is named Darren after Hucks, think we can call that job done!
  6. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] We''d have a match today! OTBC     [/quote] Have you read a leaked document from the club that was prepared prior to the QPR game putting a postive spin on reasons why league 1 wouldn''t be such a bad thing!
  7. [quote user="er indoors"]I for one am looking forward to it and will also be voting for a new chairman, one who concentrates on NCISA and stops embarrassing the Associations name in matters unrelated.[/quote] I like you [:D]
  8. Can''t fault Stefano. I was sitting 3 rows up and right behind the goal during the Brum game, and he bossed the defence and any of our players who came in the penalty area, I can see him becoming a Norwich legend and must be skipper very soon.
  9. Man City seemed to have got their problem with ownership sorted out very quickly, I am just wondering how long we are going to have to spend using the refresh button waiting for investment or takeover news from Carrow Road. I really would like all this uncertainty out of the way very soon, I don''t think I can handle all the waiting like we had with our targetman.
  10. Zema Abbey, I think he cost us about £750000 and he was awful Best  cant split them Mark Bowen, Kenny Foggo, Martin Peters
  11. Sorry N.E.S.G  I''ve started something now whoops. Back on topic Archant guys ,remember?
  12. [quote user="National express super guard "]address your concerns to andrew.chivers@nationalexpress.com the md I''ve also known the 1745 to sheringham being a single coach train, very cosy. it aint the conductors fault, I don''t wanna be squeezed in with you lot!!!!! [/quote] LOL, it reallys angers me, I have a five  year old daughter who comes with me to games, and the journey home scares her to death!
  13. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Ive only heard snips of news due to hospital appointments this week, so would be grateful for any info you can give me. heard the Turners have gone and want there money back-any truth? Also heard Peter C was at carrow road yesterday any truth to this? Regards Arthur [/quote] Arthur, just ask Archant they will tell you...........one thing then the other, then another etc.
  14. [quote user="National express super guard "]but its not my job to be a journalist, I don''t work the train and make it up as I go along [/quote] You company do on home game Saturdays on the 5.35 to Cambridge 950 in to 4 carriages don''t go!
  15. Maybe they decided to take on board how impressed we have been with their exclusives over the last couple of days!
  16. When Saturdays at 3.00pm come around I don''t give two monkies about the politics of the club. I will always, always, shout, scream, cheer, and sing my heart out for the team I love, no mater how bad we are playing.
  17. [quote user="Beauseant"]  But on past record (last 3 years or so) under Delia that will not happen, so Beau off the fence mate and say it, you know you want to, OUT     I suspect that the only way that significant finance can be obtained is via a Cullum like figure who would,rightly,want control,but I like the idea of Delia as a figurehead.I also feel strongly that she should be able to step down with dignity and with proper thanks for past service,and I am totally sick of reading the vicious bile being spewed on here by keyboard warriors secure in their anonymity. [/quote] I agree with that, I am thankful for everything Delia has done for the club. I said somewhere else I would like it if Cullum had  overall control by holding 1% more of the shares than Delia, which would, to all intense and purposes maintain the status quo.
  18. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Beauseant isn''t Waghorn... Beauseant actually makes sense... [/quote] Nice one Evil, a man after my own heart
  19. Haven''t given him players he wants? Yeh right of course they haven''t.
  20. [quote user="Beauseant"]I really don''t mind as long as the manager is given the funds he needs to continue his progress on the pitch,and NCFC is all over the press for the RIGHT reasons![/quote] But on past record (last 3 years or so) under Delia that will not happen, so Beau off the fence mate and say it, you know you want to, OUT
  21. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"]In, alongside greater investment and financial backing.[/quote] I could live with that, a P.C. and  Delia partnership with P.C having 1% overall control
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