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  1. Whatever the case you would have thought the physio would have looked at it, if only as a precautionary measure.  I think it is far more serious than they are letting on.
  2. It obviously wasn''t cramp or he would not be 50-50. I fear it is something that will keep him out for the rest of the season.
  3. Middle aged ? You''ll be lucky. I reckon you''ll be eligible for senior citizen discount !
  4. [quote user="Canary Wundaboy"]We''ve had ZERO team investment for years, ANYTHING PC offered should have been snatched up. We have half an abysmal squad at the moment and no money to spend, Delia is happy with the Status Quo, but the Status Quo is KILLING this club as a football team. [/quote]Delia loves the Status Quo, "Down Down" to League Onehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWvGlPf-z7I
  5. No it''s not at all realistic. Also if an investor had that much to spend he could get a much better return elsewhere. £56 million for a team which,to be realistic, are relegation material is not a viable investment.
  6. Yes we need to look to the future- League 1   !!
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