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  1. [quote user="NIN"][quote user="Ralph Wrong"][quote user="NIN"]As celebrity cooks go, I would rather see Gordon Ramsey as our shareholder. What do you think?[/quote]I think you should have removed the opening "As" replaced the comma with an exclamation mark then stopped typing.[/quote] are all ralphs, arthurs, and wizards, knobs?? I think that is an interesting debate. scub the above [/quote]I think the Arthurs and the Wizards have been around a while but yes you are correct, I am a Newbie. (There''s a thread here somewhere with a link to a spellchecker)[;)]
  2. [quote user="NIN"]As celebrity cooks go, I would rather see Gordon Ramsey as our shareholder. What do you think?[/quote]I think you should have removed the opening "As" replaced the comma with an exclamation mark then stopped typing.
  3. I''m beginning to think Ralph works for the Club in some capacity.
  4. [quote user="DonnysDoom"]I may not sound to bright Ralphy thing is you sound as thick as shit[/quote]Quality retort.
  5. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]" are you actually an OBE?"nope, some saddo that masqurades as a seventy plus, non attending games, City fan with a penchant for teenage slang, expressions and a pathological dislike of our clubsuspect he also appears under other troll names[/quote]AW is technically an OBE and in the same way sir, since you are Normally Outing Binners may I call you Ralph Wright NOB for short, got a nice ring to it do you agree?
  6. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]That often means exposing closet binners..That often means upsetting them by mocking their simplicity.Not sure where you fit in here but I''m sure others will have a fair guess. [/quote]I think you do a very good job of finding the binners round here Ralph, and I for one appreciate your efforts.  What about people who say "Jehovah" can you find them too?
  7. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]His only approach was a £5m loan that was later revealed to be conditional on repayment if we were relegated.Something that would have sent us into administration[/quote]Crikey Ralph are you telling us that after having had access to £200m+ the Board have got us into a situation where we are less than £5m from administrationEither (as many suspect) this Club isn''t worth anywhere near the £36m figure the Board advertised it for.....OR:You just made that up.
  8. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]" However, this time has PC called their bluff?" HE HAS NOT CONTACTED THE CLUB ! ! ! [/quote]HASN''T HE?HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS FACT?
  9. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="Ralph Wright"]Blimey it''s widdle, our pretend OAP.Unfortunately he hasn''t a clue ....... yet again.Cullum HAD NOT been invited, forgotten or unforgottenHe had gobbed off to the press rather than approaching the club.What had been forgotten was conveniently the original £5m ''offer'' was conditional.He wants to take over the club. Let him make an offer by approaching the shareholders.That''s what''s done at every other club.That''s what''s done at every other companyWhy not here ?What''s he got to hide ?[/quote]The club on the official site set the price at 56 million.  I imagine Peter Cullum saw that and turned his interests back to his charitable work.  Leaving investing in NCFC for another time.  I don''t blame him.[/quote]Leave NCFC in it''s current hands for a year or two and he''ll get it a lot cheaper than that crazy price.
  10. BTW I''m not AW but I can prove I''m a real OAP if you like, just name the place and I''ll bring my three nephews, Killer, Nasty and baby of the family little Vicious, to vouch for me. Well that''s if Nasty gets his parole through in time.
  11. Whilst the Vicar may well have also asked Mrs Smith for a dozen scones to put on the bring and buy stall at the Autumn Fair, there is no doubt that he had been publicly invited at the AGM to help Mrs Smith raise funds for a new roof for her own Parish Church of which she is custodian.
  12. Do you remember when we were young and you got that Tom Bull prining set for Christmas Ralph? Remember how you neatly cut out all those little rubber letters then spent hours assembling them into the frame then you stamped rude words over all the walls in the house ''til the inkpad ran dry?My how we laughed......That''s you now that is Ralph, you get a short phrase and stamp it all over the messageboard. Binners                 Binners                                                                 Binners                                      Binners                                                                                 Hiding                        IDIOTS!                                                            Binners! Remember it now Ralph?
  13. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]" I would sell them "Not to Cullum you won''t.He''ll probably leak a story to the vicar so it can go into your local parish magazine. He whine in the EEN or get a minion to to it for him but to actually state that he wants to buy your shares, make you an offer......... NO CHANCE ! Just what is Cullum hiding ?[/quote]Actually it''s Delia and Co who are acting more like the ones with something to hide don''t you agree brother Ralph?Bit like the Vicar knocking the door wanting to come in but you''ve not done the washing up and the sitting rooms a mess with and you''re pottering round in your long johns and a string vest, worst of it is, until he knocked you completely forgot that YOU invited him round for tea and now you''re trying to pretend you''re not in but he knows you are!Don''t you agree Ralph?
  14. Hey RalphThis Cullums hiding something routine you use? I much preferred your "You''re a Binner!!" tagline.
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