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  1. When Glenn was interviewed earlier today on the radio he mentioned that two more signings are imminent next week with two or three more the week after. Very positive don''t you think? ...but who will they be?  Will they be names we have been speculating over already? ...or entirely new surprises? a mix, no doubt? Somehow I have a feeling that Ameobi will still feature along the line somewhere!!  What are your thoughts??
  2. I missed this interview with Glenn. Who else heard it? Who do we think he is referring to? How many more players? What positions? I have scoured several other sites and cannot find any freash clues. I still have a feeling that Ameobi will materialise somewhere along the line though!        
  3. Yep, fair enough all of you. I am not disagreeing with any of you, they are all valid views and opinions. All I am saying is that until we know more of this saga, which we will over the coming weeks and months, I just think the majority of our thoughts and effort should be towards backing the Team and GR-at least until 31 August. On that date, for the first time in a long time, we will have some REAL facts to make judgements. We will know just how much was spent and on what level of talent and of course, half a dozen or so league results to assess.      Here''s to some quality signings!!
  4. ........I hope!!!! None of us know ALL the facts about the potential takeover, as it should be,as it is a commercially sensitive and confidential negotiation. This means no one is in any position (other than those within the talks) that can truly judge either party, good or bad. For the moment then, at least until 31 August when we can truly assess the newly built squad, our efforts should be in backing the Team and Glenn in getting early season wins and urging the best possible signings with whatever money is around. Glenn is back in his office this week and back at Colney where he can put a renewed focus on capturing some additional and appropriate talent. So, until we know more, which we will eventually, let''s forget the investment talk and the ''slagging off ''of people on both sides of the negotiations and concentrate in a positive way to building up for Glenn''s first full season!            
  5. I don''t think the deal is done either. However, another possibility... The deal IS done, but going public now would raise the price of all players that Glenn has on his list. Do the deals between now and 31 August and then say where the money came from! 
  6. I heard the Friday night interview with Glenn on Sky Sports and it WAS GLENN who stated a premiership striker was expected to sign in the next 24 hours -it came from his lips. Two of us were listening and both agree it was Glenn who said this.   As to who this might be, I can''t disagree that Evans, Rhitgers and Ameobi are the most likely. A name we havn''t even thought of before is just as likely though! I have faith that Roeder will get a decent squad together in time though!
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