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  1. I saw it clearly from the City Stand. Johnson made a clean, glancing header that would have gone in were it not for the defenders hand slowing it right down and deflecting it the other way, where Robinson easily gathered. We were robbed.
  2. very faint! Bottom line is that there''s no commercial reason to give a concession in these areas because they will always sell out at full price. Right decision in my view but hard on those who having had the seat for a while now find it hard to afford because of  a change in circumstances. Be like the rest of us - get a cheaper seat elsewhere!
  3. If memory serves me correctly, apart from the family area and away section there aren''t concessions in the Jarrold. Same as in the centre seats of the city stand. Premium location gets premium prices.
  4. [quote user="dom141"]Bell was £400k and Hoolahan was £200k. I think Stefanovic was about £500k. I would guess we have spend around £1.5m which I have no idea how much cash that leaves for a coulpe of big forwards[/quote] Transfer fees are a relatively minor consideration. Let''s say that each player on average is £3000 a week. That''s roughly £150,000 per year. we''ve signed about 10 players. That''s about £1.5M plus fees, roughly £2m. Glenn won''t have a separate transfer and wages budget.
  5. I couldn''t help but notice in another thread someone asking what it would take. Interesting question. For me it would be takeover by an investor with absolutely no interest, connection or emotional buy-in to the club. Or to an amalgamation with ipswich and the new club being called ipswich. Seems I have an altogether higher threshold than some.
  6. Agreeing to disagree sends out a positive message about grown up debate, I think!
  7. My view is different to John''s in that I think it was fine for the club to have last Tuesday''s meeting with the SCG. The reason comes back to the fundamental point about the purpose of the SCG. -It isn''t a body which holds the club to account - but it would be good to have one in addition to the AGM. -It isn''t an opportunity for the club to reward elite fans with additional snippets of info - that''s a suggestion I don''t really understand, if there were rewards on offer I''d prefer cash. -It isn''t an elaborate mechanism to spin out a message (but making that work would be very clever!) -It is intended to be representative of fans (and we''ve got a way to go on that, something which I blame the recruitment sub group for). This is not the same as representing fans. As I said before we are much more a focus group than a trade union. -It is a construct of the football club which it uses to test the water of supporter opinion (and to get free work done). The club wanted to gauge how people felt about the PC situation last week to help form it''s view on how best to deal with some aspects of the issue. We debated what the club should do, in the absence of understanding what the key stumbling blocks were. I summarised these areas in the "some fans know what''s going on" thread. I am reminded in typing that of another area we discussed actually, which is very ironic. SCG fan members expressed their considerable difficulty in giving a view as to how the club should handle the situation, while the club were unable to tell us the detail of the stumbling blocks. The club recognised and understood this but would not share this detail. We do not know what''s going on! Does that help Yankee Canary?  
  8. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="Dogger Slipraid"][quote user="BBFF"] The EDP says today (Fans Eye) that the SCG have been told by the club what going on with the Cullum offer but the fans on the SCG are keeping it a secret. They are there supposedly to represent us fans in dealing with the club. It now appears the SCG is just another part of the club which is there to keep the fans happy, are in fact in the boards pocket and are a waste of time as fan representatives. If the SCG cant or wont tell the people they stand for what''s going on when they know, its time the fans on the group stand down.   This is part of the SCG Constitution. "The aim of the group is to help to improve communication between the Club and it''s supporters and encourage frank, open constructive discussion of the clubs policies and supporters issues on a regular basis especially those issues which affect supporters most"   Maybe the fans on the group should read their constitution again and think hard about who are they really there for, us or the board.   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST [/quote] I have just spoken to a member of the SCG and he says it''s all very hush hush, wouldn''t mind but we have been mates for years and still wouldn''t tell me what''s going on, but it must prove something is happening surely!!!?? [/quote] Sounds like Trev was telling porkies to me. [N] [/quote] Like I said, happy to meet anyone and be judged.
  9. That would have some measure of credence, if they paid us. Which they don''t. I go along for two reasons 1.Because I want to help the football club make decisions. They tell us stuff, we have a debate, it helps the club''s senior management. Any suggestion that we spin anything to anyone is a bit worrying. Happy to meet anyone with such concerns and be interrogated until either you are happy that this isn''t the case, or we agree to disagree! 2. Because I want to put something into the football club and (in lieu of winning the lottery) I do this by helping on the pricing group, young supporters group and SCG recruitment. The club runs the SCG for 2 similar reasons I think 1. Because it wants it''s decision making process to be challenged from a fans perspective and it does this amongst many other means, by running an SCG. 2. Because it wants things doing and if these can be done through the involvement and goodwill of fans, rather than by paying people then great!
  10. I really have no idea! I don''t care who runs the club per se, I care that whoever it is, is the one willing to put most in, in the most effective manner and enables the club to be run properly. That PC is worth the most doesn''t necessarily equate to being the most generous, best operator in football and most fit. What I do have faith in with our board is that they will do their best to do the right thing, so if PC ends up on board we can be fairly sure it will be good news!
  11. Just spotted this thread so sorry not to have contributed sooner and left John to field all the questions. I''m on the SCG too and attended last Monday''s meeting. The most important thing from the outset is to clarify that the SCG is not about representing the views of fans in the ways some posters are assuming. The SCG was established by the club, post Chase, to provide opportunities for the club to seek the views of a cohort they hoped was representative of it''s fanbase. It did this by invitation and recruits new members by advertising vacancies when they arise and interviewing applicants. The club staff and SCG are at least equally represented in this process. It''s ultimately the club''s decision as to who it invites on but we''ve never fallen out over this since I''ve been involved ( I joined the SCG in 2001 I think and have been on the selection group for the last 2 or 3 years). What all this means is that we are not a body to whom the club is held accountable. The club wholeheartedly involves the SCG and others in a range of sub groups, working in partnership on for example ticketing - and what a success that has been. In other areas though we are given the clubs perspective and asked what we think of it. We often have very robust debates but at the end of them the club is entirely at liberty to ignore whatever we say, although I can''t remember it ever really doing so! Anyway, on the question of last Monday''s meeting, we learnt very little. Club representatives gave their (by their own admission) limited view of the discussions with PC to date and sought our views. The discussion was as diverse as it has been on any of the message boards. Some felt he ticked all the right boxes and should be in without delay. Others were suspicious as to the detail of the actual offer that had been put but we were not told it. Others again felt that the club should go public with it''s version of events and still others suggested they didn''t care what went into the press as long as there were discussions with PC and any reasonable opportunity to get his investment in was ultimately secured. The closest to a consensus amongst the fans side of the SCG was in how unhelpful the media coverage had been in GR''s team building plans. If I were any club taking a call from us right now, the price would have at least one additional zero on the end of it. I hope this is helpful, clarifying that I didn''t learn last Monday anything I didn''t know or had seen written in conjecture somewhere else, that the SCG is more a focus group than a trade union and that I''d love to be an elite fan but unfortunately I''m not. I''ll not comment on the extent to which I may or may not worship Delia.
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