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  1. I''ve got a good feeling! Could be pretty open though. So I''m going with 3-2 to us!
  2. Thanks wacky. I''ve never heard of him! LOL. Every day''s a school day!
  3. Thanks morty,I mght have to buy a ticket then.
  4. With the game being beamed back to carra does this mean there''ll be a live stream on the net?
  5. Thanks for the info. And excuse my ignorance but who is Guillem Balague?
  6. Man U fan falls through the roof of the Barclay classic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ7juikRlUQ&feature=related
  7. I noticed there was one fella who seemed to be leading all the singing in the Jarrold........good work son!
  8. Lets be honest. All the other UK nations hate the English (fair play to them).So for that reason alone I hope we stuff them and remind em whose boss! Personally I wouldn''t care if Fred West was playing for us! And as much as i love Crofty as far as I''m concerned for 90 mins on Sat he''s the enemy. Thats football.......
  9. I reckon if your a female,a pensioner or both you stand a much better chance of getting a ticket in the ballot. I''m going to apply in my missus'' name. Its just a theory.
  10. You''ve got to feel sorry for the people who travel to games with someone who insists on leaving early. Thats gotta p you off!
  11. Ive got no problem with people leaving early, its their loss. But whats it like outside the ground when you here the roar of the crowd? Do people still jump up and down and go mad like they would if they were still in the ground? And how far away can you still here the noise of the crowd?
  12. If only it was the home game. After the embarrassment of the last time we played em and the abuse and spitting at our fans as they left the ground I''m looking forward to some revenge.......scum scum scum scum scum.........
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