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  1. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Just one thing I would like to say. i know we all have a bit of banter with fans and that, where I was sitting there was a w/nker sign every 5 seconds. Now would all these fans giving it the old do da signal to away fans do so to their face? And what would happen if they turned round and stuck one on you? They would be branded a hooligan and banned for at least 3 years, while all you get is a black eye and some compensation. Does anyone see what im getting at? People are quick to condemn football hooligans yet the majority of fans at Carrow road and around the country incite opposition fans every single game. say you were not at football and someone called you a w/nker to your face in the street, what would your reaction be? Just a thought, for those who condemn football hooliganism. [/quote]That''s a poor argument Arthur - it''s part of the typical banter at football matches. It''s accepted by all fans across the country. Inciting fans in such a mild way is normal "fun" - the hooliganism starts when the line is crossed and violence starts. You know, I''m fairly sure I sing some unsavory songs at Carrow Road, but I know not to use those to sing my kids to sleep. Does anyone see what I''m getting at?
  2. Gunn - inept mnagerMcNally - Takes no s h eye tTherefore, goodbye Gunn. Good riddence too. But you can''t give any credit to Delia, she rewarded Gunn''s abject failure with a new contract.I must say though, I''m feeling proud to be a City fan again. Well done Lambert and the players, and well done the board (certain members).
  3. The lad did well today - looked lively.
  4. It''s been great to get a bit of the buzz back at Carrow Road isn''t it? The last few seasons have been a chore for the most part - it''s hard to get noisy when the team are so bad.
  5. [quote user="Big Dog "]Nice to hear, but let''s remember, they''ve hardly played a big team in the past 30 years.[/quote]That''s a little unfair - they comment on how great the fans were, and you take a swipe at them.
  6. Hoolahan isn''t fully appreciated by our fans - but at least there are some of us who see him for what he is : The most skilful and creative player in our team, possibly the league. So he should shoot more - but on Tuesday he realised this and tried and missed every time. Let him try and walk it in, because thankfully he has the ability to do that.
  7. [quote user="ryan1992"]I''d stick with Lappin and McVeigh on the wings.[/quote]So you don''t much care for pacey, tricky wingers then?
  8. Martin didn''t foul the player anyway. We lost 2 points for a disallowed goal for no reason against Walsall, and now we lose a point for a dodgy penalty decision. And we didn''t sit back on a lead, we should have gone at least 0-2 up had Martin or Holt scored in the first half. The injuries and failure to score again when we had them by the shor and curlies cost us the game. Same old shi te I''m afraid.
  9. [quote user="Lord Horn"][quote user="jedi"] Pricks!! [/quote] And my 8 yr old daughter also got a mouthful off some teenage chav girls in the loos of the ''what are you looking at'' variety.......FFS.......can''t wait ''til they all go back to nursery school! [/quote]I''d go ape-shiit at that. No one has a go at my kids, especially at such a young age. A few weeks ago my 4 year old had to pee on the side of the road and car full of nobbers drove past shouting at him. They got stuck in a queue of traffic so I ran after them. The wound the windows up and were having none of it. I tell ya, I''ll fight anyone for my kids, regardless of the kick-in I''d probably get.Nobs mate.
  10. If it is Mark Robins I can see the good times returning.* A good manager who has done a great job at Rotherham and is a member of the "good old days". I seriously think it would be great if it is him.  *better times than the last few years anyway.
  11. Well that''s great isn''t it. Hound by far our best player out of the club. As angry and upset as we all are, did they not think he was too? Now we will surely lose him and I don''t blame him. For Gods sake people.
  12. He sucked, but the fact is the whole team sucked. We were so bad today that I agreed and cheered those who threw the season ticket at Gunn. I used to have so much passion for Norwich City, but it has been erroded over the last couple of years and now we are at an all time low. I''ve never felt so low (in football terms) and I''m fed up of having my summer ruined by Norwich City - I try to dismiss it and focus on other things in life, but it''s always there inside you. I''m seriously considering asking for a refund on my season ticket...You think they would let me?
  13. Yep, they are all Norwich players which is worth its weight in gold at the moment. Shame if the Lee deal is dead, as I expect it is too, but it is looking OK. I did speak with someone who wondered how we got beaten by Brighton for Dickinson. Things like that do make you wonder, but we don''t know the full story, which is actually one of the boards many faults - the shroud of secrecy. I''m glad you noticed the Chris Morris-ness of my user name - the reference to blue has got me in trouble on occasions ;) But I shall ask Mr Mesleshasmis to do nothing with my car for a while :D
  14. I''ve had enough of Norwich City, several years of doom and gloom, and now the season is fast approaching my so far good summer is about to be ruined. As of the start of August I fully expect to return to my usual moody "football-season" self.But....So far I have to actually commend Bryan and his team for being pro-active and building what so far looks to be a half tidy squad. Take a look around at Southampton and Charlton. We have signed more players than them, we have been constant in the transfer market and we have surely had a lot of the top sides in Division 3 ( :( ) glancing interestedly at what we are building. I am actually feeling rather positive about the upcoming season! Good grief, where did that come from?! The board seem to have learned from the loan debacle of last year and have assembled a squad of City players, this is great news.I''m not fussed at signing McVeigh at all, but as a squad player and free (wages aside) he could prove useful.I still think we need a new right back, and I still want to see Lee sign. But if Hoolahan does stay, that is the best news of the summer.Happy? Yes, I am :)
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