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  1. 1st post maybe but very true and it will happen before three years is up. The so called investors we are talking too I believe are waiting for this to happen much sooner.
  2. I will elaborate only to the point that I am reasonably tuned into the general insurance networks of East Anglia, as is Towergate.
  3. [quote user="chocolate nutter"]I must say i think something is going on as the EDP is quiet so maybe they are doing it the correct way behind closed doors and in private rather then through the press!![/quote] Cullum has an exclusive with the EDP and his press guys have been providing them with all the previous stories for months, it has been good press for Towergate if nothing else. Now there is silence you can be pretty certain that Archant want the exclusive and they will get it, in the meantime though they can be nothing but silent in fear of predjudicing their position with unfounded items. Watch them blow the trumpets when the deal is announced! Like I said above Cullums team will only talk to the EDP.
  4. Wouldn''t think it was too foolish to assume that there is a link here. If its the best interests of NCFC that they Turners have at heart are they making way for Peter Cullum to make a move and giving the remaining board little option but to talk further with the prospect of a £2 million gap to plug?
  5. Fitting name - only word from the club today comes from the man himself. Can''t believe for one minute that he wasn''t in on the meeting, asking myself the question was it Delia or Michael that could not reach agreement. Don''t think so, in part maybe but where is all their advice coming from. Peter Cullum I would think will be reeling at Doncasters comments of earlier today in relation to "legal and contractual" difficulties of a takeover of this nature. Did Mr Cullum not consider such issues prior to entering negotiations. Really to think a man who has been Entrepreneur Of The Year and brokered some 120 acquisitions wouldn''t have thought of such difficulties. Come on NCFC, please lose all the technical jargon and give us the real reasons behind the breakdown. Perhaps the fear of Doomcaster''s own position at the club took precedence over it''s best interests, how wrong can this be yet it continues to happen. Seems to me it''s give us your money, on our terms, we will spend it how we see fit and you will have no say in anything. Potential new investors are so going to be queing up, well done NCFC board, fantastic ambition. Going to have to agree with Mr Cullum now but it won''t just be a pair of fingers crossed, maybe everything possible will be better.
  6. He doesn''t. A local insurance broker does of which one of Cullum''s companies holds a stake, and it is not Towergate.
  7. Close business partners is an understatement. Peter Cullum and Towergate have generated significant returns for NU since it''s inception and some would say if NU lost the support it would have serious issues. NU will clearly recognise PC''s ambitions to be successful and have witnessed it first hand, don''t forget Towergate is only 10 years old with premiums approaching £2 billion. I wouldn''t just say it was a nudge in Delia''s direction but more of quite a big shove to commence talks. I am not sure of NU''s financial input on the sponsorship front but quite convinced they will be pressing for this deal to happen and not missing the opportunity to cash in further on PC''s success at what they would consider a small cost.
  8.   You have misunderstood me. The club ie. board members, share-holders (not just those with 4 or 5), other staff etc. He has always appeared to me as an approachable person[:|]   You are not wrong, he is approachable but also so very good at saying just the right things or "no comment", there is no "entrepreneurship" involved. Yes it''s a football club but it needs to driven by ambition by strong leadership totally focused on the core purpose......premier league champions. Balancing books alone will not achieve that and I believe this is where we are at. Towergate boast the title "Europe''s largest independant insurance intermediary", thats massive in only life span of 10 years. Peter Cullum is clearly not in this for the money, not sure the same can be said for the investors in certain other clubs.
  9. [quote user="yellow blood"]Ok. Who says that Doncaster is actually not liked by the club / Cullum?[/quote] I would guess 24999 fans now, I did think it was 25000.
  10. Not certain about Delia, PC has said he would like her to stick around and you have to acknowledge she is an avid NCFC fan and still would be whether a finacial interest or not. With the stature that PC has it will simply be a case of bringing people in he can trust and particularly on the finance side. "Here you go Mr Doncaster, have £20m to play with", just simply isn''t going to happen. Take a look at Towergate''s rise to stardom in such a short space of time and particularly the returns it has genrated, not many companies can boast results like that. Can''t say Mr D has set the world on fire with the club''s finances. I would say PC is an absolute whizz with the numbers and would instantly spot any shortcomings on first sight of the clubs'' accounts and exploit every single one of them and they must be there! He is clearly a deal maker that makes already good deal makers weep, he has aquired a huge number of businesses and trust me NCFC is small compared to some of them.  This deal will most definitely happen, his credibility will take a hit if it doesn''t, i believe interesting times lay ahead, particularly of the current board/exec wish to play hardball. Can clearly see Mr Doncaster attempting to stymie and potential deal in fear for his own position or at the very least attempting to make the most financially of the same, completely without the club/fans interests at heart.
  11. Absolute certainty if one Mr P Cullum comes on board.
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