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  1. that's embarrassing! long time lurker, rare poster. How the hell do a change that?!
  2. I've just sent you a DM, hopefully it's still spare. Thanks
  3. Sounds good, imagine we won''t be the only ones! Good luck in the ballot.
  4. I''ve got a lot of time for Rovers fans over Bristol City fans. Did you plump for keeping stum in the Uplands east terrace or DAS west terrace?
  5. Anyone got any suggestions for pubs for pre-game drinks in Bristol tomorrow? Preferably not a Wetherspoons, something with a bit of character and where I''ll leave with all my front teeth!
  6. Or indeed - Its Wesley Hoolahan and if its quite alright we love you Hoolanah despite ...
  7. Hows about the old McVeigh song or is it sacred ... We love you Hoolahan ... A short ass to hopefully provide some decent crosses?
  8. I too think Swansea will do pretty will, along with Barnsley and Preston possibly? Although I really do think we are in with a shout! Apologies but I really have hedged my bets there havent I!
  9. Article on SkySports website: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11662_3936298,00.html The Old Pro: Black Boots - Dion (His boots looked older than him!) - A safe colour and suggest certinty and authority. Always worn traditional black boots, and always will. The Maestro: White Boots - ? - White represents purity and light and the Maestro oozes talent and class, and has everything except sweat-inducing work rate. The Hot Potato: Red Boots - Lupoli - Red is an intense colour which generates emotions. This fire-brand is impetuous and rash and will make their mark on the game, and their oponents. The Veteran: Blue Boots - Fozzy (for a very short time in Sweden!) - We look for blue skies, for peace and tranquility. He is convinced that his experience and nous more than makes up for a lack of pace. He switched to blue boots to demonstrate his coolness and calmness under pressure. The Enigma: Green Boots - ? - Here is a player who has the manager tearing his hair out in frustration. On his day, he can win a match by himself. One week, storming the barricages; next week, missing in action. Why? Who knows? The Entertainer: Yellow Boots - Croft - Yellow brings good cheer and optimism. Our yellow-booted entertainer is the life and soul of the team and shows lots of energy and enthusiasm. The Organiser: Brown Boots - ? - Our brown booted player will be a smartly turned out defender, unyielding and dependable with a penchant for a sliding tackle. The Golden Boy: Golden Boots - ? - The colour of sun brings warmth and wisdom. He is super talented, but he might believe too much in his own publicity. The Headless Chicken: Silver Boots - ? - Silver offers light and balance, and he has pace to burn. However he is sometimes known as a headless chicken and his passing can be erratic. The Eccentric: Orange Boots - Semmy - Orange offers freedom and emotional release. Your orange booted player can be prone to impulsive decision making and heart stopping gaffes - the boots express his individuality and desire to be different. Obviously you can never take these things too seriously but I CAN see some similarities between the descriptions and famous wearers. I haven''t been to any pre-season friendlies and so am not up-to-date with the latest boot trends! and have never really taken much interest before now - so please fill in the gaps. It might also be fun to pick the boots you think our players should wear and any obvious descrepencies between the descriptions and their playing styles! I''m a black booted man myself so I don''t know what that says about me ...
  10. Hi guys, glad to hear your had a great time. Lupoli gets cheesiest grin from me whilst Dejan and Pattison look a bit special lol. Just wondering if anyone could do a run down of the backroom staff in the picture. Thanks!
  11. I don''t know much about Clingan - as to whether he can play at right mid. Pattison played there a couple of times last season if I remember rightly. I''m a little suprised Russell hasnt started on right mid as I''ve seen him be effective there - he doesn''t seem to have been overly involved in pre season?
  12. It will be interesting to see who plays at left back with 3 centre backs and Omozusi in the team. After Mondays performance I think its safe to say it won''t be pattison. I expect him and Hoolihan will be on the wings.
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