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  1. Yes. I know someone who works there and he had to put his hand on the bible and close his eyes and swear that if any footballers are staying at Dunston Hall he must not and i repeat he MUST NOT tell anyone. That is 100% Fact. The club and Dunston Hall have had ongoing discussions about it.
  2. [quote user="K Lo"]I''ve just been out this evening and cleaned all the Norwich signs on the way to GY. We can all be at ease now and settle down to an evening of Horlicks and comfy slippers.

    Phew!! What an emotional roller coaster that was!


    Thank you K Lo. Ive been sitting here sweating thinking about it. At last i can relax and put my Dolphin CD on now...

  3. I did actually ask a Chelsea fan, have you ever heard of Ed De Goey. They said yes, he is the Belgium Prime Minister. LOL!
  4. Oh my god! I had exactly the same dream last night! That is spooky!
  5. Yep. I love it when people ask you who you support and you say Norwich and 9 times out of ten they will laugh or snigger. So i ask them back and confidently they say Chelsea, so i laugh and and ask " Have you ever been to Stamford Bridge?" Then get the reply "No". So i turn round and say **** off you Glory hunting twat then they look at you as though you shouldnt of said that.                                       BUT ITS TRUE YOU NUMPTY''S!
  6. If we were playing with football''s that size, Donkerty would still miss it.
  7. We need atmospheres like the 2nd half against scum at Carrow Road. My hairs were standing up when we sang On the ball city. It really did make me so proud to be a Norwich fan that day.
  8. Dan

    if he really wanted to.....

    How do you know that PC didnt put an offer in to buy the club? Delia could of just blocked it straight away. It wont suprise me. What annoys me is why she hasnt come out and explained to the "Greatest supporters on Earth" what happened. We have every right to now. Its more our club than it is hers.
  9. I must admit, it has been a whirlwind time lately. We just have to remain positive for the manager and the team next season. I have my reasons for wanting the board to leave but im still 100% behind my favourite team.

    On the ball city.................



  10. I think a lot of people feel a bit down regarding our club, so i thought of a little bit of humour might cheer a few people up.
  11. ........... on the Yarmouth road is a little bit dirty. It is need of a bit of a clean.
  12. We cant go in the premiership, it will overshadow Delia''s cooking books.
  13. So are we but they are ambitious. Little ole Norwich are not.
  14. Would be good in this division. I know he is scum but he will probably do well for Cardiff.
  15. Dan

    Genuine Ameobi Sighting!

    Well i was in a hot air balloon 5000 ft in the air yesterday over Norwich. I was admiring the views then lo and behold i see Gregor Rasiak going in to Asda. I was about to take a photo on my new digital camera but he was too quick going through the door. Did anyone else see him in the vicinity of Asda yesterday at about 2.30pm?
  16. I am feeling quite positive that Roeder will pull off a couple or maybe more decent signings in the next few days. He is a man who will do anything to make sure he has the right players for the team. Now is the time for the Board to dig deep to support the manager. Doomcaster did state to Glenn that if he keeps us up he can have as much money as he wants for the team. Oh shit thats the 37th lie ive heard in the last few days. Whether i like the board or not i will always give 100% support to the football team, and if Glenn cant get anymore players in then i think we should raise the roof next season and get the ground rocking. Its not the manager or the players fault all this takeover stuff is happening, so to turn on the players and manager if we have a shaky start would be a travesty. Lets get right behind the team from the start and show our passion for the boys.


    On the ball city.................

  17. I really do feel sorry for Glenn right now. We have a good manager here and i think if the board dont back him to build a good squad im afraid to say he might walk. I hope not, with sufficient backing he will take us into the premiership no problem. I have had a gutful with all these lies from the board. Delia is a spoilt brat i and is just thinking of herself again.

    COME OUT AND SAY SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED DELIA. Us fans deserve better than this. Without doubt we have the most loyalest fans in the country. I absolutely love Norwich City to bits and it hurts me something rotten that we are slowly sliding down that slippery slope into obscurity. Please go Delia and take all your cronies with you and shut the door nicely behind you. If she calls herself a Norwich fan then why the **** did she wear that scum rosette when then won the f.a cup in 1978? We are the true Norwich fans, she wont be here for much longer but us Norwich fans will be here forever.

    Keep it low, splendid rush, bravo win or die, On the ball City...............

  18. Dan


    Dean Coney is an excellent striker. They will both sign on Monday. He has a very good goal scoring record. Raymond De Ward is a very quick and strong defender.  He has a great left foot. Would be a great addition to the squad.
  19. Dan


    Yep. Dean Coney and Raymond De Ward. 2 very good signings in my opinion.
  20. Dan

    They can't even manage

    The next thing we will be told is that they are going to build a new restaurant at the ground. Could you imagine if that happened.
  21. She always moves the goalposts to suit herself. She thinks she is something special.  I was told by a good friend of mine who was working at the club, he over heard Delia speaking with a few people in a room. The conversation turned to having a supporter on the board. She piped up and said " huh i dont want any of the great un-washed ( the fans ) in here thank you very much. "  Make of that what you will but that makes me angry every time i think of that. This is OUR club and do whats best for Norwich City FC and get out now Delia before things turn a little nasty.
  22. Cant believe this. Delia is ruining the club. Go now! We wont get a better investor than Peter Cullum. She is thinking of herself again, not the club. **** off Delia!
  23. Dan


    [quote user="sig"]I thought this thread might be about bikes of the 70s and 80s.  Anyone else remember Strikers, Grifters or Choppers?[/quote]


    Yes. I use to have a chopper, they were very handy for giving people seaties.

  24. Dan

    Why so many midfielders ?

    Glenn is sorting out the team in stages. Once he brings in a couple of quality strikers and a couple of quality defenders i honestly believe we will do quite well this season.       On the ball city.................
  25. Dan

    Away Days

    It had to be when we played at Reading at Elm Park.  ( There last game there and flecky was playing for them ). There was constant banter between the supporters and at the end of the game the Reading fans ran on the pitch and started to throw lumps of turf into the Norwich pen. Norwich fans were climbing up the fence and the riot please were smacking there batons at anyone''s hands that were on top of the fence.

    The worst away days by a million mile is shithurst park. I hate that place with a passion. Every time i have been we have lost and they have wooden benches for seats. What a dump. And its a hard ground to find as well. Not going back there ever again!